Sunday, September 28, 2008

City of Reno second annual River Run 5k

I can blame it on the sun, but yes, I was hurtin' at the end!

This is the second of three consecutive weekends of racing for me.
No issues so far, as these first two races were only 5ks, they feel about the same as your basic hard interval or tempo run, and you usually recover quickly. This course was faster than last weeks Draft Horse Classic. Even though it was here in Reno, at about 4,400 ft. elevation, it was all paved and almost as flat as a pancake. After getting everyone to the line on time, they had a processional of guest speakers, including first lady (of Nevada & RGJ gossip columns) Dawn Gibbons, followed by other speakers, the national anthem, sung by somebody's kid, and finally, the start, about 20 minutes later than advertised. It was actually a nice start to the day, but I'm sure most of the runners would have appreciated the speeches (to kick of Domestic Violence Awareness Month) at 20 'til, instead of right when we all thought we'd be starting.
The run started and finished in beautiful Idlewild Park, and for most of the race, ran along the Truckee River. Last year, this race was a few weeks later in the year and quite cold from what I'm told. This year, the weather was near perfect, maybe even a little warm afterwards. All in all, a great morning to run. I ran into a few old running buddies before the race-Gary Brooks (at 61 years young still running 20 & change for a 5k), and with whom I travelled to many a race in my early 20's, Joerg-who, as a deep tissue massage therapist, has tortured me on occasion, and Ryan Ress-who, like me, has fought injuries for much of the last 7 years, and can be found at any given time running 16 or 24 minute 5ks...or not running at all. Ryan and i raced several times when both of us were pretty healthy in 1999-2001, trading victories a few times. We lost Gary when he went to his car, so after jogging for a couple minutes solo, Joerg and I warmed up together and ran a couple miles of the course. After the guest speakers got their 15 minutes of fame we were off.
My only goal for this race was to be easily in the 16-minute range, which I've only been able to manage twice (both times on th treadmill) since taking June & July off to heal. I'd planned on starting more agressively than I had at the DHC last week, and I was, perhaps, a little overzealous in that endeavor. Today's course was marked every kilometer (.62) instead of every mile. To run a 16:40, i'd have to average 3:20 per K (=to 5:22-23 per mile). I knew i'd started a little too fast to take the lead before a couple tight turns. I hit the 1k mark in 3:11 (on pace for a 15:55) and forced myself to back off a little, before it was to late. As it was, I was still hurting between 2-4k, and a little worried about "blowing up" before the finish due to my fast start. The course, however slight, was uphill (less than 1%) for the first 1.75 miles, and therefore ever so slightly downhill for the last 2k or so. That would come in handy as I'd slowed noticeably between mile 1 and the turn. I was able to pick up the pace a bit when I turned, even though I was really struggling to hold pace at this point. In addition to building lactic acid in my hammies, I was developing a side stitch-my arch enemy of a few races of yore. CRAP! I was on pace for a good time, but wasn't sure if I could hold it. Well, I didn't exacly enjoy the middle-late stages until I turned into the park with less than a half-mile left, and realized that I hadn't lost a whole lot of time. I was able to muster something that may have resembled the cousin of a kick...luckily I had nobody to fight off at the end. I came in with Abby, Hannah, and my Mom cheering me on, struggling to breath at 16:29 (5:19-20 per mile). Not far off my better 5ks in the Spring. Now maybe it's time to work on the endurance!
Ryan held on for 2nd in 17:48, and 3rd was 18:05. The women's race was tight between a 20-something year-old, and a hard charging 13! year-old, who'd come in second, just a couple seconds off the leader, just a hair under 21 minutes.
While they got the results together, I did a couple miles with Ryan (who wants to add a full marathon to the Rock-n-River Half next May...sweet!). He was quite happy with his race as well. Unlike me, though, he actually ran pretty even the whole way. We hung out a little with Joerg & Gary (both pictured above), and brought Hannah to the dog and cats they had for adoption, as well as a bounce house, rose garden, etc... It had turned into a beautiful day. Hannah was fast asleep in her stroller for the awards, which were a handmade medal (age group) and a $100 gift certificate to Eclipse Running for the overall win. As well as the course was marked and seemingly organized (they had chip timing for cryin' out loud), everyone's results were exactly 30 seconds faster than they actually ran. We were tipped off when the 3rd place finisher's "official" time was 13 seconds faster than 2nd places actual time. Mine was a 15:59 (if only!!!)
Apparently, although I signed up on-line, I also have an R at the end of my name. Oh well. Overall, a very enjoyable race, and they'll hopefully fix the results before they're published. Afterwards, we went to Walden's Coffeehouse for some liquid crack, er...french-pressed coffee.
Up in Lake Tahoe, Peter is kicking a@# and taking names in the Super Triple, as he had a lead of over 40 minutes heading into today's 72 mile jaunt around the Lake. He's attempting to reach the start of today's Tahoe Marathon at the same time the marathoner's take off so he can see Turi, and maybe run with him a bit. If my technical skills hold, I'll add a link to their results when they're posted.
Next week in San Fran at Bridge to Bridge. Should bring the 4 race win streak to a decisive end, but I'm reheheally looking forward to it.


SnowLeopard said...

Whoo-hoo Chris! $100 to Eclipse? Sounds like some (more) new shoes on the horizon. :) Congrats to you- I'm glad you had a good run despite the stitch- they are also my worst downfall when it comes to running.

Peter Lubbers said...

Nice work, Chris, and glad to see you've really entered the blogosphere now ;)
At LTM, Turi passed me quickly, but I was really happy to make it to the start of the marathon in time--that made quite a difference.

slowrunner77 said...

I guess I was a little overzealous the day after the race as well. I went up to Tahoe Meadows solo, and put in 15.5 miles on the Rim Trail. It felt great, but I cut my 10 miler to 3.5 yesterday, skipped the weights, and today stayed in bed completely. In a bit of irony, I received my bib for Bridge to Bridge on the day I skipped my workout. Hopefully, I'll get some good intervals in tomorrow before a couple maintenance days prior to the race.

robert warner said...

Cool blog, Chris. Another race--another win! Great comeback, keep it up. Good luck at Bridge to Bridge. Look forward to the race recap.

Catherine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Chris. I'm looking forward to checking yours out more. I've also been dealing with an injury most of the year but my comeback doesn't include winning a string of 5K's!!!

Have a great time in SF at bridge to bridge. What a great race that would be. Maybe next year.