Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sierra Nevada dual beer tasting

Abby, Ben & I had a 24 oz. Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale "fresh hop ale" (Spring 2008 release) side by side with a Sierra Nevada 12th release Harvest Ale "wet hop ale" (fall 2008 release). Although they were significantly different in character, we each had a hard time deciding which was better. The concensus was that the wet hop ale was smoother, with a better mouthfeel, and the fresh hop ale was more bitter & slightly more aromatic. All 3 of us gave a slight edge to the 12th release wet hop ale, scored as follows...
Ben 12th Ann. Wet Hop B
SH Fresh Hop B
Abby 12th Ann. Wet Hop B+
SH Fresh Hop B
Chris 12th Ann. Wet Hop B+ (ever so close to an A-)
SH Fresh Hops B
So...both were good beers for hopheads...the fall release wet hop ale averaging a B+, and the fresh hop ale getting a B from each of us. The scores I gave were particularly high considering I'm not a HUGE Sierra Nevada Fan. There is a common thread in all their regular beers that make them seem very unspectacular...but I am finding that many of their seasonals & special releases are a whole 'nother story.
Maybe I'll start posting more about beer and less about running if I can't get back to it soon...today is day 14 since the pain hit, and no end in sight (sigh)...


SnowLeopard said...

I've been a little more adventurous in my beer tasting lately, but still haven't found one that I'd drink a whole bottle of. But I'll try just about anything~ thanks for the review! I just might have to find someone to open a bottle just so I can try theirs. Ha ha!

And I like your extra "i" in the Subject line. :)

Peter Lubbers said...

I am sure with all the rest and the carb-loading (beer has carbs, right?) you'll be the one to beat at the Turkey Trot.