Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Gotta Be Crazy to run after two weeks off with injuries and bronchitis!

All true, but I had a blast! Probably had as much to do with the company and the beer than the run itself, but it was nice to see a few runners I hadn't seen in a while. Team Library Dork (Amber, Dave, Turi, and myself) ran the 23rd annual You Gotta Be Crazy run in Verdi on Sunday. Dace apparently knew better than I did that I would run, because as of dinnertime the night before, as I was finishing a Valentine's Day feast at Cafe de Thai (and polishing off the first of two beers) I still had zero intention of running the next morning. I was going to watch the rest of the team, and to sample 2 delicious Barleywines afterwards. I even packed the camera. Alas, after beer #2, I promptly decided I was sick of not running, and pretty much decided to run right before bed. I still got up and went to the gym in the morning, partly to get a bit of a warm-up in, as i knew my "jog" before the run would be short and sweet. Instead, I did 40% of my 20-set circuit training routine, and soaked in the hot tub for 10 minutes. Now that's warm!

The weather was blustery and the snow was back and forth. Cool to run a race in the snow...and it wasn't even too cold, although I did wear my oh-so-cool arm warmers and short sleeves. I also decided against breaking in my Nike Luna racers, opting to wear the trainers instead, so I wouldn't jinx my new pair of shoes by running slow in them the first time out of the box. I may be a little mental in that regard, but Dave understood. It was possible, however, that lighter shoes (and maybe 1 beer instead of two) would have allowed to push by second place, who finished only 10 seconds in front of me). As it was, I decided on the strategy of going out comfortably hard, which I knew based on my lack of running-specific fitness, would not be so "comfortable" on the big hill. I was holding 3rd overall (5k/10k started together, but team LD all ran the 5k) all the way up the hill 'til the flatter section at about the halfway point where Fred (my old training partner and 2nd overall in the 10k) went by, followed by michael Weller. They'd battle it out in vain as Michael was running the 5k, and Fred the 10. I tried to keep up, and stayed close, but couldn't quite match their pace on the faster downhill portion to start off mile 3. Michael pulled ahead of Fred with his finishing kick and came in a distant second (18:19)to winner Jeff Huxhold 16:50 (another mamber of Fred & I's Oddysey team), while Fred pressed on for lap #2. I came in 10 seconds later in 18:29, about where I figured on a course that RD Joerg admits is about a hundred meters long (3.16) which makes the 10k about 240 long (6.35). Here's TLD's places, times and paces (adjusted slightly for the extra .06)...

your's truly 3rd 18:29 (5:53)

Turi 21st 23:39 (7:29)

Amber 37th 27:09 (8:36)

Dave 50th 29:37 (9:22)

none of us did much (if any) cool-down. I got to see the rest of the team finish, along with a few other old friends. The highlight of the morning (after Amber purchased her closet full of closeout running gear) was finding two pair of (almost) identical ladies running shorts (lavender & black) for Turi & I's cross-dressing May relay!!! I even modeled 'um for Abby when I got home.

She seemed pretty entertained that I'd decided to run and didn't tell her 'til after. Anyway...both Barleywines that Dave was kind enough to provide were quite good. I believe I rated them a 4.4 (Avery) and a 4.3 (Alaskan) out of 5 on beerpal.com. That pushed me to almost 900 ratings...that's alot of beer, eh?

Thanks TLD for the good times before and after the run. We'll have to do it again sometime. How'bout meeting for a, say, 52 story stairclimb in March???


SnowLeopard said...

52 stories? Are you frickin' nutz?

Well, alright. If I have to. :)

I had a blast too- and I'm really glad you ran with us! We make a pretty good team~

HiAltDawg said...

I cain't get off on Saturdays!!! Please don't breakout the LunaRacers until I tell you to, trust me!

p.s. I still thin I'm holdin' 15 sets of runnin' gear for SnowLep

slowrunner77 said...

no worries...the Lunaracers may be an antique when i can break them in at the rate i'm going...two more weeks, then i'm switching to the water.