Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Circus Circus the 5th

The day after a hard interval workout, I was able to suck it up and set a new "pr" on the stairs (27 floors, 55 landings, 420 total stairs). My best had been 2:22.7, and today I managed a 2:18.6, for a drop of 4.1. I'm happy about being able to cut some time, especially the day after my hardest workout in a while...the only difference was with the 2:22, I could have continued at that pace, while today I was getting pretty lead-legged just past the halfway mark, and could not have continued the pace for 9 more floors (160 more steps). When Dave & I got to the bottom, I ran the first 9 floors hard, with a continuous watch, and my total for 36 floors, which happened to be only a step or two different than the Legacy is advertised, was 3:00.4! Now if I can do that without a 6 minute break in the middle, I'll be extatic!! No Spring Run 5k on Saturday...laying the hardwood in the dining room in the morning before heading to Meadowood to promote the Climb...Beer tasting at 6:00 (yeah!)


Peter Lubbers said...

Great improvemen. With proper tapering, you'll be rocketing to the top!
We'll miss you at the Spring Run.

slowrunner77 said...

i don't think tapering (for this particular event) will make more than a couple seconds difference, but that may be all it takes...
I'll probably do a normal week, take it a little easier on friday, and very easy Saturday. that should be enough for a three minute race.