Thursday, April 16, 2009

Half of Team Library Dork kicks Circus Circus butt!

Dave and I ran from Rancho to Circus Circus this morning. After running up and down twice a couple times (and being quite sore) I found out last weekend that I can go up once with no consequence, no matter the pace. I ran that one in 2:28, which had been my fastest, with no soreness after. I also finally got around to counting the steps (420 over 27 stories, compared to <600 over 36 stories at the Legacy)...which means I'll add one third to my total, assuming I can hold the exact same pace. That might be a stretch, but who knows. That would mean my 2:28=3:18-3:28 on the Legacy. Today, I wanted to run up twice, but not hard both times, in order to still be able to do another quality run or two over the next few days. So I ran the first one pretty hard in a new "pr" of 2:23.9, and took it easy on #2 (still had a high heart rate) running half and fast-walking the other half. Headed to the gym for an abbreviated upper body workout before sampling tonight!
I think if I can get my single trip down to 2:15 in the next month, I'll shoot for a 3:09 at the race. If by some miracle I can get down to 2:09 for 27, I'll shoot for 3-flat at the race. That's a stretch, though, without some divine intervention on my heels and hip. The good thing about taking 4 seconds of my time today is that my quads were fatigued quicker than last time, but I was still able to cut a few seconds. Encouraging that I can still run OK on a day that I don't feel exactly the way I'd like...

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SnowLeopard said...

Sounds like your training is going really well! Let me know by tonight if you're going tomorrow morning ok? Call on my cell~ :)