Tuesday, May 26, 2009

complete results from Sac

Alright...they've posted both the overall and age/sex graded times for No Excuses. There are no age groups and no male/female, just a formula to figure out the handicap based on your age and gender persuasion, with everyone running against everyone else. There were a few people I know in there out of 1,064 finishers, so here you go...name(age)/overall time/overall place/handicap time/handicap place
winning time 15:45!
Chris B. (31) 16:32.6/4th/16:27.6/32nd
Steve Bond (53) 19:49.0/75th/16:54.7/52nd (2 seconds off the hot seat!)
Therese Ikonian (53) 23:55.0/221st/17:46.9/90th
Ron Gross (68) 23:55.2/222nd/17:17.2/68th
Amber Sady (30) 26:17.8/339th/22:55.2/369th
Dave Eveland (41) 26:28.3/348th/24:50.2/480th
Everyone ahead of mid-pack, age graded or not...quite a good day. Add in beer, great food, great company, and a bunch of wild animals (the above people not included) and this is a future trip I'd highly recommend. This ended up being the fastest (the top 2 runners destroyed the race record) and deepest field in the race's five year history. Great job everyone!!! Even Ashton & Sean got their race on!
ps-I'll add a few action shots tonight.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Buzz Oates No Exuses 5k

at the start...

Just a quickie...i'll post more when i have the pics. Dave, Amber and I went down to Sac this morning to run this winding (age graded certified 5k), with Abby, Kevin & the 3 kids in tow. Steve, Therese, & Ron from Nevada City were also there. Fleet Feet put on a great race, and William Land Park seems custom built for road races. My goal was 16:39 or better and I ran 16:32...4th overall, and 32nd age graded (16:27). Of note in this short post was that Steve Bond acheived his sub-20:00 goal from the last few years and ran one of his best in a long while...19:50! Go Steve! ...and he jusr barely missed the "hot seat"....50th place age graded, who takes home a leather recliner. I'll post full results in the next day or two, along with pics of Dave & Amber (and if Amber sends me her's, some from the zoo as well). Between the race, River City Brewing, and the Sacramento Zoo, a good time was had by all.

Friday, May 22, 2009

beer and intervals

After enjoying a three year (2006-2008) vertical tasting of New Belgium La Folie (flemish sour ale-I know...sounds gross) I had my last hard run planned for this morning before Monday's No Excuses Run in Sacramento. It didn't feel great, but reluctantly went as planned...3.1 warm-up, 6 x 3:00 @12 mph (2:00 recovery @7.3-7.4 mph), and a shorter cool-down. AND...I actually got to work on time!
Dave has decided that sour ales are not for him. Lisa (co-owner of Record Street Brewing) had a very entertaining reaction once we pursuaded her to try it. And I quote "What the...what...WHY?! Why would somebody do that to a beer?" Good stuff. I think it's safe to say that Joe, Ben & I enjoyed them (which is good since it's the most expensive beer any of us have ever bought), but the super high level of carbonation (from the wild yeast and brett) mixed with the high acidity of the beer itself makes it so it's not so agreeable in the belly. Totally worth it though. Now I get to coast for the next two days before going to Sac. Next up is probably a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3k/5k time trial

This morning, I wanted to try something slightly different. I need to do a little work on my start speed for races, and my overall leg speed, so instead of trying to do a negative split 5k like I have been doing, I wanted to start a little faster to better simulate a race. In addition to a 5k on Memorial Day, I'll be racing a 3k with rolling hills in Healdsburg, CA on June 7, so I need to be a little faster than I have been for that as well. Last week, I did a 16:46 5k with a first mile of 5:27. This weeks plan was as follows...
first .25 @11.5 mph (5:13.0 pace)
next 1.37 @11.2 mph (5:21.4 pace)
last .25 (of 3k) @12.0 mph (5:00.0 pace) to simulate a kick at the end of a 3k race.
last 1.24 @11.0 mph (5:27.3 pace)
This would give me times of 9:54.3 for 3000m & 16:39 for 5000m (a new 2009 best). The hardest part was going to be holding on for dear life after the quarter mile kick just past halfway. To my surprise, I was able to run the last 2k faster than planned. After hitting my goal for the first 3k (1.87 miles) in 9:54, I ran the next .99 miles at 11.1 instead of 11.0 mph, shaving 3 seconds off the total, and had enough left for another quarter mile kick at the end, running the last quarter in 75 instead of 80 seconds, so my total 5000 time was 8 seconds faster than my goal. On the same tread I ran 16:46 last week (and 16:55 the week before), I ran a 16:31 today...only 14-15 seconds off my treadmill best from 2008 (on far less than half the miles)! Can't complain about that. Last year, my best road 5k was 9 seconds slower than my best on the tread, which just happens to be about the same as the difference between today's run, and my goal for Monday...16:39 or better.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

roller-coaster week

After pulling a leg muscle last Tuesday, I did not expect the next week or so to be at all eventful, but a race win on Saturday, followed by a 2009 best of 16:46 for a 5k this morning (negative splits of 5:27, 5:26, 5:23, 0:30) is about as good as could be expected. Now, how to keep that momentum going...
Today's 5k was about a minute slower than my "pr", 47 seconds slower than my 2009 goal of 15:59, and about 30 seconds slower than my peak last year.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reno River Festival Run-A-Muck

For your viewing pleasure...
the start...and finish

communal baths are all the rage these days!

did I metion the Bud Light girls???

Finally, the day had come. After a year of anticipation (after skipping the innaugural RAM for the last ever Salmon Run last May we decided to form a duo this year). The field had more than doubled since last year with 6-700 runners participating. Turi & I got smokin' deals on ladies lavender and black running shorts (remember the You Gotta Be Crazy Run blog from February) and he found a deep discount on some purple halter tops that we transformed into jog bras to complement our ensemble. Matching headbands, wristbands, and bracelets finished it off. My only regret is no purple Nike Mayflies...had to go with the "fire"version, which now reside in a garbage off 1st Street. Abby, Hannah, & I attended the kick off party on Friday night, picked up our packet, and got some dinner down by the river. Hannah got her picture taken while tormenting/feeding the ducks and ended up on the front page of Saturday's RGJ!
We got to Wingfield Park about an hour before the race, set to go off at 2:00 in the afternoon. It was a weird day up to that point. Trying to eat at the right time, stay awake, etc...is more difficult when the run isn't first thing in the morning. Turi & I jogged the course (save for the mud pit) as a warm-up in full drag attire, and got quite the assortment of comments. By the time the race went off, most everyone else was in costume too, so there was more cheering, less snearing. Unfortunately, our team (Does This Jogbra Make Me Look Fat?) did not have the nicest male-cleavage in the race. Sorry.
The course started in front of a large crowd on the corner of First and Arlington, headed west, crossed the Booth Street bridge, and followed the bike path into Idelwild Park. Here's where things got interesting. After a mini-loop on both path and grass, complete with hay bale hurdles, we would head towards the 60 foot mud pit, among obstacles, before heading back the way we came. It's also worth mentioning here that our "baton" was a stick of Ivory soap. As we got back from our relay, everyone (but me) was already literally corraled behing the start line, so I made my way to the front. It was a little tight in there, and I wouldn't be able to get much stretching in, but it was nearly 80 degrees at that point, so the warm-up and 15 seconds of stretching would be enough. We took off 6 or 7 minutes later into the unknown. I think I was a little overzealous with my initial pace, as I quickly built a lead. I was feeling it a little before we even got to any of the obstacles, so I backed off just a bit. After being told by a course marshall to not dive head first into the first part of the mud pit (too shallow) I was summarily boo'd by the onlookers. I obliged by stopping half way through and doing a bellyflop into the mud. To my surprise, what looked slick on the top was thick and sticky underneath, and when I pushed up to stand and go the remaining 20 feet or so, my feet would get stuck to the point where I had to put my right shoe back on as I exited the pit. About a hundred yards or so later, I saw what Turi & I had seen only as those little kid punching bags during our warm-up, actually had a far more sinister purpose. Just as I was hitting a point of real fatigue, I noticed the fully armored football players hiding behind the otherwise harless props. Since I was the first one of several hundred through, they got to gleefully take out their pent up aggression on me. This was actually as much funas the mud pit, but I did have six football players with full blocking pads trying to knock me on my ass, and since I was passing solo, the last two decided the double team me. I'm pretty sure 2nd place was not far behind now, but since he was running solo as well, my lead probably grew as I exited Idelwild Park and hit the road again. After holding a decent pace, but slower than on my way out, till the homestretch, where I got to take a "breather"while run-walking with a balloon betwen my legs for about 20 yards. I handed my soap to Turi, and he was off to complete the ordeal. I think the thick stuff got churned a little, because (as you can tell by our after photos) he looks a bit dirtier than me. I can say we both had mud and dirt in places were it should not be...even after a quick bath in the Truckee. After a couple hours of food, beer, and sun, we had an awards ceremony on the Wingfield Stage. First came the BLING...the cheesiest medals (really more of a medallion) that i've ever seen. Gleefully cheesy! We also got a winner's pack, which we'd soon find out was stocked with a golf package, whitewater rafting gift certificate, Skagen watches, and a movie pass. AND, as a parting gift, a matching pair of Bud Light grills (one assembled, one boxed). We had fun walking those back to the car!
Overall, a success. No official results yet, but I ran 14:25-30, and Turi 17 & change, for somewhere in the mid 31 minute range for 5 miles...about 6:15-6:20 pace as a team. We were told we had a pretty decent lead on #2, but who knows. When official results come out, I'll post them, as well as the official race photos. Until then, 6 more days til Climb the Legacy. I've yet to duplicate the 2:13 for 27 stories from 3 weeks ago. I've run 2:19 or higher each time since then, and ran a 2:20+ this morning, but actually paced myself to be able to continue at that pace for another minute or so. One more practice slimb on Thursday should do it...

Friday, May 8, 2009

the day before...

So, the awesome workout from Monday has been overshadowed all week by the fact that I pulled my left calf (almost into the hamstring) the very next day on my "easy" run. I was able to do a warm-up type (half a 5k) jog this morning before stretching and, after a warm-up mile, ran comfortable at 5:33 pace for a minute, but then felt a little uncomfortable during a 5:05 paced minute. I figure my pace in tomorrow afternoon's "drag" race will be 5:20-5:30 per, so hopefully it will be fine at that pace, & continue to improve, so I can get in a normal week of training (and one more decent pratice climb) before the big one next Sunday...

Monday, May 4, 2009

2009 5k "PR"

This morning, despite being wide awake with Hannah in bed from 2-4:00 a.m., I was able to shave another 19 seconds off my last 5k time trial. This one, too, was negative splits, which I'll try to maintain as long as I'm doing them on the tread. 5:30+, <5:30, 5:25, 0:30 (with the last quarter mile at 5:00 pace). 8 miles total with a warm-up and cool-down (50:37 total). If not for my right hip, I'd feel great. Although I was pushing it, especially from mile 2 to the end, I was able to do a complete leg workout afterwards, with only two sets of hips and one of three sets of leg press needing to be lighter than usual. Overall a good day, with my first sub 17 in a while, some stretching, 21 sets of leg weights, and 4 sets of core. Tomorrow is just a maintenance day...stairs on Wednesday, maybe an interval workout Thursday, easy day on Friday, and the relay on Saturday!
Next time I'm shooting for 16:49...5:27, 5:27, 5:25, :30...or less :)
I was also able to get on the Legacy stairwell on Saturday for a total of 110 flights of running, and another 18 walking. To my detrement, as I'm trained to go up, up, up with no breaks, there is one flight of stairs per floor (instead of 2), but a short hallway between each flight, which allows for a touch of recovery between climbs. I'd prefer that these weren't there, but whatcha gonna do...

Friday, May 1, 2009

2009 vs. 2008

As I finally passed the 400 mile mark this year (after 16 & 5/7 weeks - about 24 miles a week, although I've been over 30 a week for the past month), I decided to make a rough comparison in workout volume to last year. I've been working out pretty much daily, but due to injuries, etc, have been relying much more heavily (no pun intended) on cross-training...especially weight lifting. While last year at this time I was racing every other week, coming off a marathon in March and gearing up for a 50k in July, this year I've only run 2 5Ks (1 road, 1 snowshoe) and an 8 minute stairclimb over the first 4 months of the year. May will be a little more active, with races on 2 consecutive weekends, although my time spent racing will be a total of less than 18 minutes! I'm about 158-159 lbs., compared to 149 at this time last year, mainly due to being at 1200+ miles last year, and 401 this year, and about 900-1000 sets of weights last Jan-April, compared to 1778 so far this year...and then there's the beer! I've also been a bit of a wuss - already falling 2 weeks behind with my much needed swim training. I just can't motivate myself to go to the pool and do lap after lap the last two Fridays as planned...and it's still a bit cold, especially at 6 ot 7 a.m. to hit the open water. Still planning on Alcatraz, but I really gotta get movin on that front! Only 10 weeks away...aaarrrrrggggghhhh!!!