Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3k/5k time trial

This morning, I wanted to try something slightly different. I need to do a little work on my start speed for races, and my overall leg speed, so instead of trying to do a negative split 5k like I have been doing, I wanted to start a little faster to better simulate a race. In addition to a 5k on Memorial Day, I'll be racing a 3k with rolling hills in Healdsburg, CA on June 7, so I need to be a little faster than I have been for that as well. Last week, I did a 16:46 5k with a first mile of 5:27. This weeks plan was as follows...
first .25 @11.5 mph (5:13.0 pace)
next 1.37 @11.2 mph (5:21.4 pace)
last .25 (of 3k) @12.0 mph (5:00.0 pace) to simulate a kick at the end of a 3k race.
last 1.24 @11.0 mph (5:27.3 pace)
This would give me times of 9:54.3 for 3000m & 16:39 for 5000m (a new 2009 best). The hardest part was going to be holding on for dear life after the quarter mile kick just past halfway. To my surprise, I was able to run the last 2k faster than planned. After hitting my goal for the first 3k (1.87 miles) in 9:54, I ran the next .99 miles at 11.1 instead of 11.0 mph, shaving 3 seconds off the total, and had enough left for another quarter mile kick at the end, running the last quarter in 75 instead of 80 seconds, so my total 5000 time was 8 seconds faster than my goal. On the same tread I ran 16:46 last week (and 16:55 the week before), I ran a 16:31 today...only 14-15 seconds off my treadmill best from 2008 (on far less than half the miles)! Can't complain about that. Last year, my best road 5k was 9 seconds slower than my best on the tread, which just happens to be about the same as the difference between today's run, and my goal for Monday...16:39 or better.

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Robert Warner said...

Nice time trial. Looks like you're ready. Hope you have a great race on Monday!