Monday, May 25, 2009

Buzz Oates No Exuses 5k

at the start...

Just a quickie...i'll post more when i have the pics. Dave, Amber and I went down to Sac this morning to run this winding (age graded certified 5k), with Abby, Kevin & the 3 kids in tow. Steve, Therese, & Ron from Nevada City were also there. Fleet Feet put on a great race, and William Land Park seems custom built for road races. My goal was 16:39 or better and I ran 16:32...4th overall, and 32nd age graded (16:27). Of note in this short post was that Steve Bond acheived his sub-20:00 goal from the last few years and ran one of his best in a long while...19:50! Go Steve! ...and he jusr barely missed the "hot seat"....50th place age graded, who takes home a leather recliner. I'll post full results in the next day or two, along with pics of Dave & Amber (and if Amber sends me her's, some from the zoo as well). Between the race, River City Brewing, and the Sacramento Zoo, a good time was had by all.

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SnowLeopard said...

I had a blast today! And that River City Brewing Co. was pretty awesome! Yay! I found a beer I liked! :) Thanks for letting me know about this race- Sean and Ashton had a great (winning) their race this morning too~