Tuesday, May 26, 2009

complete results from Sac

Alright...they've posted both the overall and age/sex graded times for No Excuses. There are no age groups and no male/female, just a formula to figure out the handicap based on your age and gender persuasion, with everyone running against everyone else. There were a few people I know in there out of 1,064 finishers, so here you go...name(age)/overall time/overall place/handicap time/handicap place
winning time 15:45!
Chris B. (31) 16:32.6/4th/16:27.6/32nd
Steve Bond (53) 19:49.0/75th/16:54.7/52nd (2 seconds off the hot seat!)
Therese Ikonian (53) 23:55.0/221st/17:46.9/90th
Ron Gross (68) 23:55.2/222nd/17:17.2/68th
Amber Sady (30) 26:17.8/339th/22:55.2/369th
Dave Eveland (41) 26:28.3/348th/24:50.2/480th
Everyone ahead of mid-pack, age graded or not...quite a good day. Add in beer, great food, great company, and a bunch of wild animals (the above people not included) and this is a future trip I'd highly recommend. This ended up being the fastest (the top 2 runners destroyed the race record) and deepest field in the race's five year history. Great job everyone!!! Even Ashton & Sean got their race on!
ps-I'll add a few action shots tonight.


Anonymous said...

Dude & Sweet are my idols. I wish I had smoked the 5-and-Under Fun Run!

SnowLeopard said...

Hey, I meant to tell you that you are free to steal any pictures off my blog- I didn't take very many pictures at the zoo, as it turns out though...