Tuesday, June 16, 2009

45th Tahoe Relay

the pictures are all stolen from Turi's camera & protected by Turiworld copyright law...which I heard is pretty strict. Gotta llove the bogies!
Peter flying up a hill.
Hayes got mother nature's worst & lived to tell the tale.
No Bud Light girls at the finish, but these guys'll do!

On Saturday, Peter Lubbers, his kids Sean & Rocky, their friend Hayes, Turi & myself did the Tahoe Relay for the second time. Last year we had the same team + Amber, but she was planning on being at work that day before injuring her back & taking some good drugs, rendering her immobile. Pete picked up the slack by running two legs (22.8 miles total, + one of the bigger hills). Most of us switched our leg assignments around a bit from last year to try something new. I opted for the "hill from heaven" up Spooner Summit, as opposed to the "hill from hell" up Emerald Bay that I ran last year (and that Pete would run as his second leg this year). Once again, the Lubbers crew joined Abby & I for dinner on Saturday night, and we put away about 17 pounds of flank steak, brown rice, and spinach salad, alongside a couple good brews. Instead of a movie, I opted to get my @#% kicked by the kids on Wii Tennis & Baseball. I think I struck out 5 times in 3 innings!

We were out the door and on the rainy road at 4:45 or so the next morning, hit up a Starbucks in Carson City for a much needed java jolt, and met up with Turi at the "Y" in South Lake Tahoe about a half hour before go time. Our friend Marc was kind enough to lend Turi his VW Eurovan as our crew vehicle, and I must say, it was friggin' perfect! 2 captain's chairs in the front, 2 rear facing captain's chairs right behind, a removable table, and a 3rd row bench seat, to very comfortably seat 7...complete with curtains on the windows and a convertible sleeper tent for two up top! Sweet ride, although we had no blow-up doll fixed to our van like some of our competition. Maybe next year...

We had a very loose goal of breaking 11 hours after running 11:25+ last year. We figured the kids were a year older, not to mention speed goat Pete was covering nearly 30% of the miles himself. Sean ran the 9.6 mile L1 in 1:42 & change (10:39 per). Somewhere around 100th after L1. I ran L2 (8.2 miles uphill) from beautiful Zephyr Cove to Spooner in 55 & change (6:45 per), counting 49 "bogies" on the way for motivation up the big hill...now in the low 50's. Rocky was the only one running the same leg as last year, covering the rolling and downhill L3 in just under 2:29 (14:28 per). About 100th after L3. Pete's 1st jaunt was the rolling 12.3 miles through Incline and beyond, which he covered in a speedy 1:30 & change (7:22 per), moving us up 15-20 spots. Turi was next and picked up another 15-20 spots in running under 1:20 for 10.6 miles of rollers (7:33 per). After a short break, Pete shook out the stiffness that was just beginning to set in, and ran 10.5 miles from Homewood to Emerald Bay in 1:29:06 (8:29 per). After getting a few more bogies, we were now in 71st place, and looking like we were going to reach our goal. Then, after going back and forth all day, the weather decided not to play nice. Hayes ran from Emerald Bay downhill, then up to inspiration point, downhill to Camp Richardson and onto the "Y" where we began, getting drenched the whole way. He ran a great leg though, covering the last 10.5 miles in 1:26 & change (8:16 per).
We enjoyed a surprisingly good meal at the Brewery at Lake Tahoe...wings, pizza, a burger, fries, chicken caesar wrap, and of course, the beer. Their best beers were average for this beer snob, but fully satisfying after a day of running & driving. Next year, mid pack or better, and closer to 10 hours!!! Thanks Lubbers''''' for doing the footwork, thanks to everyone for being part of the team, and thanks for Marc for use of the Eurovan...in 2009 & 2010, right? Marc? Anyone???


Peter Lubbers said...

Thanks again for hosting us, Chris! We all had a blast. When the kids tell you they would "even pay for next year's relay entry fee out of their own pocket if they have to" you know you had a great day out there!

peter said...

Wow, great race, all of you! That was you blowing by me on the little level straightaway just before the tag at the end of Leg 2 (my shirt said, Are We There Yet?). I was just in survival mode by then. It was a great relay though.

SnowLeopard said...

Great report Chris! Next year! Next year I am determined not to be in pain. I really missed running with you guys, but am stoked that you took so much time off. :) Thanks Peter~

Turi said...

Welcome to Turiworld. My lawyers will be contacting you shortly... :)