Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Climb the Legacy results

maybe Hannah will climb in a year or two...

The results are in! The 1st annual Climb the Legacy on May 17th had 262 finishers. It was a hot one (in the low 90's when we started), so the warm-up was short, but the stairwell was not as hot as feared. Everybody on our team (My Drinking Team Has A Running Problem) was pretty happy with how they "ran". My goal coming in was to run 3:30 or faster. It would have been 3:00, but the Silver Legacy had short hallways between flights of stairs (after the first floor). While this made the climb itself a little easier, it also meant goals would have to be adjusted to make up for the extra ground to cover. Our team ended up placing second in our divsion, with individual times and places as follows-

Chris Badolato (1st overall) 3:26.8

Liz Drake-Ontiveros (36th overall, 3rd female) 5:25.8

Dave Eveland (64th) 6:10.2

Amber Sady (118th) 7:29.2

Abby Badolato (125th) 7:36.5

There's a BBQ planned for June 25th at Rancho San Rafael for both fundraising and climber awards, and hopefully lots of good food & drink...and no hail!

Next year, as long as I'm healthy enough, which is always an adventure in itself, or team should be bigger than five, as a few runners from the Nevada County crew, as well as a couple from Reno, have expressed interest.

For you numbers geeks out there...
3 climbers (1%) under 4:00
25 (10%) under 5:00
58 (22%) under 6:00
101 (38%) under 7:00
141 (53%) under 8:00
180 (69%) under 9:00
205 (78%) under 10:00


SnowLeopard said...

Yay Chris! It's official that you rock! (Although we already knew that. ;) I'm going to do my best to get to the BBQ, but I don't get off until 6 in CC- but'll I'll look into an early out that day, and let ya know!

abby said...

I will even do it next year.