Tuesday, June 16, 2009

shifting gears a little

Alcatraz is a month away and I haven't been back in the water...AT ALL...since the Icebreaker in April. April! Needless to say this will not do. Combined with the chronic nature of my hip & Achilles injuries (and my newly pulled calf muscle after yesterday's trail run), it's time to transition a little. For the next month, I plan on dropping 2-3 runs a week in favor of some swimming and more cross training. I'd like to stay fit enough overall so I can make an easy transition back to racing in the early fall. The only race I'd planned on doing in the near future anyway was the Firecracker Mile in Truckee on July 4th, and since that's probably not the best idea, I started the transition today. Instead of 6-8 x 3:00 intervals as planned, I went to the south gym (w/pool) and did 42 laps (1,050 meters/.65 miles) in 23 minutes...alternating laps...22 free, 20 breaststroke...back inside, 22 sets of chest/shoulders/core, 30 minutes on the eliptical trainer, and a bit of stretching. I'm planning on 48 laps (.75) tomorrow, and a 1.2 mile open water swim on Saturday. Hopefully in a few days the calf at least will be better and I can run 3 quality runs a week in addition to the cross training (one interval, one tempo/time trial, one "long").

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