Tuesday, July 7, 2009

slow progress for my longest swim EVER

On the one hand, I swam about the same pace for nearly 60% longer than the open water mile in April, and without a wetsuit. On the other hand...still sloooooooow. In the last couple weeks I've managed the 3 longest swims I've ever done, 1 @80 laps (2000 yards), 1 @101 laps (2525 yards) and today I swam for one hour (high 59)...108 laps, 84 free, 24 breaststroke, 1.582 miles, 33.33 seconds per lap, 37:55 mile pace, "breaks" included (adjusting goggles, trying to breath, etc...). My stiff back and shoulders take a while to get going, so i felt my best during laps 30-80, but probably still better for the last 20 than the first. If I was faster, this would be the same distance as the Alcatraz swim (WHICH IS IN 5 DAYS!!!), but...being that I'm about as efficient as an original Model-T Ford, I'll probably have to swim closer to 2 miles to make up for the current. I don't think I'm ready (I actually entertained thoughts of calling it off during those first 30 laps today) but I'm as ready as I'm gonna get, and the point was to reach out of my comfort zone, which this most definitely will be. If there are no blogs on Monday or Tuesday next week, I either drowned or was eaten by a shark. I prefer option 2...better story for the widow anyway. Adios.
In my mission to avoid pictureless blogging, how'd'ya like the "alternative" covers for Nirvana's Nevermind Album? It has to do with swimming, right?


wife said...

I would prefer that you do not get eaten this weekend. However, I have entertained thoughts of increasing your life insurance though:)

SnowLeopard said...

Chris, you crack me up! You're gonna do great. That's some decent mileage you've been putting in there~ :) Good luck to ya!

slowrunner77 said...

swam a mile all freestyle for the first time today at lunch. Just over 36 minutes for 70 laps (1750 yards)...31 seconds per lap...20 minutes and change for 1000 free. Not fast by any means...but better.