Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally matched an effort from the spring!

In my last 5k time trial in May before running the Buzz Oats 5k in Sacramento & the Fitch Mountain 3k in Healdsburg, I ran a 3k/5k time trial with a slightly faster start than I was used to, a kick at the end of 3k, and another at the end of 5k. I ended up running a 16:31 a few days before running a 16:32 on a fast course in Sac and a 9:29 3k on a fast course a couple weeks later. Today, after struggling a bit since my breakthrough in New York, I was able to run a time trial comprable to May. Needless to say, I was happy with it, and if I ever hear back from the Bizz Johnson race director, I'll follow through with plans to run the half on Sunday. Anyway, here's the splits from May compared to today's...
May /October
.25 @5:13 pace /2 miles @5:21
1.37 @5:21 pace/ .9 miles @5:18
.25 @5:00 pace /.2 miles @5:00
.99 @5:24 pace
.25 @5:00 pace
16:31-3.11 miles /16:29-3.10 miles
That was pretty much my peak for the spring...hopefully I can build on it this time around. If I can match my 1:20 from last year's Bizz, I'd be ecstatic!


wife said...

way to go honey! if you are going to run the 1/2 at biz, i am going to watch!

SnowLeopard said...

Yay! I'm so glad you've gotten back on track~ pun intended! :) Good luck at Bizz!

Gretchen said...

Okay, you're man-card is stamped for renewal!
Hope you got into Biz and kicked some butt.

slowrunner77 said...

i hope i still have my man card...the Bizz RD never returned any of my emails after the 8th to inquire if the half was full, so we didn't go. Found a cool trail series in Folsom instead that should keep Dave and I busy over the winter...