Monday, October 12, 2009

Folsom Lake Winter Trail Run Series (Race #1)

That's right...that's the Dave's legs!
a couple minutes in, Dave's just happy cuz we haven't hit the hills yet.
Molly:race-series mascot
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After not hearing back from anyone regarding the...uh...fullness of the Bizz Johnson Half (real professional there, guys), I had in my inbox an email from Breakout Racing on Saturday morning regarding the Folsom Lake Trail Runs series, which in other seasons has been Thursdays. I've deleted them thus far as driving 4 hours round-trip on a weeknight just didn't seem like the best idea. This series, though, starting on 10/11, goes for 8 races every third Sunday, and offers a short (3+ to 5 miles) & long (10-13.1) run on each date. Nice.
So, Dave & I hit the road early Sunday morning and drove to Negro Bar between Folsom Lake & Lake Natoma. Even though I feared man-card revocation from Gretchen, I talked myself out of the half on the way there for several reasons. We were on a schedule and more running would mean less beer before going home, the short race was cheaper, and, I haven't slept well lately and just didn't feel up to it, so I opted for the 3.03 miler along with Dave.
I warmed up on the course so I could insure my directionally challenged self wouldn't get lost en route. After a 2 minute loop, the hills would start, and there were a couple doozies. Dave measured the second (& longest) one as a 295 ft. climb. Knowing I'd have to start fast to even have a shot at running a decent time on a course like this, I did so (maybe too fast, Idunno)-I didn't really have a good sense of pace yesterday. All I know is I had a good lead by the time we hit the hills and the singletrack, and while I figured I may have been losing a couple seconds on a few of the rocky/technical downhills, I was shocked to hear footsteps (for the first time) on the final descent before a flat sprint finish. Luckily I'd been holding back enough for a kick (foolishly thinking I had a bigger lead) and I was able to finish fast and build a 12 second lead over the last minute or so. All in all, I ran a 17:54 (5:54 pace), 2nd was 18:06, & 3rd was 18:58, then a 5 minute gap before runners started to file in every few seconds.
Dave came in on this slower-than-we-thought-it'd-be course in 31:00. The way the scoring works for the series is a percentage based on the male/female winning time. The winner in each gender persuasion gets 100 points, and all following runners divide the winning time into theirs to get a % (ie-a male runner would've gotten a 50.0 for running a 35:48 based on my time). AND, you get to drop your worst 2 results if you run all 8 races (6 count). If all goes to plan, I'll run 7 of 8, and get 1 mulligan. Gotta like that! Points within each race are for your overall time, regardless of place, but at the end, you will be in your own age group. The cool thing about this season (as opposed to those past) is that their is no long series/short series...just the one. So Dave & I plan on running both long & short courses during the series. In fact, I'm already registered for the 10 miler on 11/1.
Anyway, we went back to Sac Brew to have more of the Amazing Mirror Mirror from Deschutes Brewing, as well as a couple other solid brews (Sac's own black IIPA, New Belgium Eric's Ale, & Firestone Walker Double Jack) before heading back to hang with the fam before my brother gets shipped off again. Anyway, I'm finally taking a weekend "off", and am looking forward to a good long run on the TRT on Sunday. Anyone & Everyone welcome...


Gretchen said...

I suppose a sub-18 on a slowish course is enough to keep your card. Might have to consider yourself on probation though, until we see how the series goes. ;-)

Sunday should be beautiful on the TRT. The trails in Tahoe are never better than after a good rain. Have fun!

Gretchen said...

Oh, oops, I was so busy being obnoxious that I forgot to say congrats on the win. Awesome!

Peter Lubbers said...

Way to finish strong, Chris! You've almost got the series in the bag, so what do you win? ;-)

SnowLeopard said...

My favorite is the picture of Dave's legs. Owww! ;)

slowrunner77 said...