Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Run Through the Colors 10k

start of the 18th annual Run Through the Colors in Nevada City (I'm hiding!)
Dave pushing up one last hill to the 5k finish
Ditto in the 10k
post-race, and post-wine dinner!
I'll keep this one short, since it's been a few days and it was another ok race day. My "A" goal was to match or beat my time from 2008 (34:21) and my "B" goal was to match or beat my time from 2007 (35:03)...which means by the clock maybe I got a C/C-? I started aggresively, even leading the first 5ker (who'd break the 5k record in 17:07) downhill the first 2 minutes, up Nevada St. the next 2, and til the split. I wished him luck and headed off by myself with a couple other guys, including Ryann Ress from Reno not far behind. I maintained a good pace for a few more minutes, but it became evident my "A" time would be out of reach when I hit the next hill. I was pretty much stuck in one gear for the rest of the run and could tell even without consulting the watch that it was a bit slower than I wanted to be going. I ended up hitting the hard half in 18:10 (opposed to 17:30 last year) and the second half in 17:27 (16:51 in '08) for a time of 35:37. Good enough to keep the current win streak alive, and take the 10k for the third straight year, AND the 13 year old course record in the 5k was smashed, so that was cool too. As usual the race was great. Tons of volunteers. A scenic, challenging, well marked course, and another Sierra Club Calendar for 2010!
That evening, Abby, Betty, Dave & I went to Club 141 in Grass Valley for a wine dinner hosted by one of our favorite local vintners, Indian Springs. I think the picture above pretty much tells you how that went. Anyhoo, back to the trail run series in Folsom next weekend, sans Sacramento Brewing Company.


Peter Lubbers said...

Hmm, Just an "OK race" huh? That is a very fast time for that course, Chris, and from looking at the results, it looked like the 10K was stacked as usual. Great job on another win.

I'd put that race on my calendar for next year, except I did not come out on Sunday, so I still have to BUY a calendar!

Gretchen said...

Nice job! I'd like to run an 18:07 5K (without the second 5K).
Love the picture where you're all sitting in the leaves. Definitely makes it look like a run through the colors. And wine dinner...mmm!!