Monday, November 2, 2009

Folsom Trail Run Series race #2 (Nimbus Sate Park)

trying to seperate from the pack before we hit the trails... surprised to see the bike that just flew by me was the camera man!
start of the short course
Dave, about 3.9 miles from beervana
less than a mile to go
Hannah keping her self busy during the races
that's Dave right behind 50 feet from the finish
and travelling back in time a couple minutes, Dave tackling the LOG
photos courtesy of Abby!
Yesterday was race #2 of the 8-race series, and I opted for the long course this time around. That was a good choice, as I ended up over 50 miles for only the third week this year (i'm hoping that becomes more regular). So far there are 199 participants in the series. This one was in Nimbus Flat State Park and offered a 4 (4.8) and 10 (+?) mile race. The long course started first at 9:00, and we had a brief stretch of road before hitting the gravel and dirt. The first couple miles winded through some trees and had a couple bumps, but were fairly easy, especially for a trail race. But, we noticed that as 11, 12, 13 minutes passed, we still hadn't seen the 2 mile turnaround for the 4 milers, who'd be running the short course as part of the longer one. At 14:00 I finally hit the turn. I figured I'd been running between 5:45-6:00 pace, so we figured it was longer than 2 (and a tenth of a mile later there was a 2.5 chalked on the path), which put me at about 5:50 per mile so far, and "comfortably" in the lead, whatever that means. I really liked the second half of the course as the terrain varied a bit from easy hardpack to rocky singletrack, and even some dirt/stone steps on the hill right before we'd turn around. I hit the halway point in 31 & change, and would run the same on the way back, which although took us a different way at the end was about the same distance. There were a couple tight spots as runners were heading in both directions on the windy singletrack, and the hurdling of the giant fallen tree was fun. Dave had started the 4.8 miler 15 minutes after us, and we ended up finishing within ten seconds of each other (how's that for planning). I came in 62:43 officially, and while I didn't have any GPS to get a mileage, I'm hoping it was a little longer than 10.0...I sure felt like I was running 6:00 pace or faster, but who knows. We had a blast either way, and I was able to get a bit of a cushion in the men's standings as 2nd place Bryan Hacker was about 3 minutes behind, and the Negro Bar long course winner was third, another 40 seconds back. The way the scoring works is based on your percentage of the winning time for your sex (the winning time divided by your time is your score) so every second counts. We hung out for a bit afterwards and had Rubios at the park before going into Sacramento to hit up Rubicon Brewing Company & Hoptoberfest!
After two races, there are 28 total runners with 150 points or higher, but lucky for me the majority are female. Of the top 20 overall, 6 are male. Although it will be broken down to age groups at the end, here's the standings as of today...
1-Chris Badolato 200 points
2-Rick Anderson 195.74
3-Ross Mcmahan 195.54
4-Kirk Ferris 194.52
5-Joel Brunkala 158.38
As you can see, tight up top before a big drop from 4th-5th. up to your best 6 scores count, so if you run all 8, you get two mulligans as well. Next race I'm not sure what the plan is as I'm most likely running the Davis Turkey Trot 24 hours either a day off or a short course, most likely. Dave is currently 4th in his age group with 120.51 points. Here's the ladies - much deeper so far.
1-Yvette Ferreira 200
2-Susan Booher 200
3-Cathie Apple 198.58
4-Susan Grinstead 192.41
5-Jenelle Weiner 187.44
15 women at 170+ so far...we hould be in for some good races there.


wife said...

Fantastic job yesterday. As always:)

SnowLeopard said...

Even if it wasn't a long course, you were still crazy fast! Nice one Chris! :)

Peter Lubbers said...

Way to go, Chris!