Wednesday, December 23, 2009

8k time trial (after a couple cross training days)

the IT band/knee is not all the way better, but it affected me post-run today more than during the run. Todays treadmill workout looked like this...
3.5 miles (22:00) warm-up w/5 x 65 seconds @5:00-5:18 pace
5.0 miles (26:19) 4.77 miles @5:16 per mile, 0.23 miles @5:00 pace
3.33 cool-down w/3 x 65 seconds @5:00 pace
20 sets legs, 5 sets core, and a little stretching. The legs were fresh after two easier days, the knee is about 80% and hopefully will not regress after pushing it today. Instead of trying for 22 miles on Sunday, I think the new plan is to speed it up a tad, and try to do 19.4 miles (the distance of my relay legs on 1/17) in 2 hours...
On the good side, I'm maintaining my hardest runs at about 2 seconds per mile off pr 8k/5mile pr is 25:59/26:09...from February 2001!

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wife said...

great job. and i still maintain that you are nuts, but in a good way.