Monday, December 21, 2009

ahhh...the old familiar pain

Well...last week was awesome. The snow has forced me inside, but I had an 84 mile week (my previous high for 2009 was short of 70), and a quality 20.6 mile run at <6:20 pace on Sunday...but as in previous attempts to run further than I am really in shape for (ie-Run on the Sly 20m, post marathon & 50k) my right knee/it band is quite pissed and will probably force me to cross train (hopefully for only a couple days) this week. I tried to do 10 today, and got to 3 ok, but after that, it was a real struggle to get along, so I ran 4 miles and did a 5 mile equivelant on the eliptical trainer. The IT band likes to slide out of its groove and rub on the side of the knee when it and the hip get too tight from overwork. Fun stuff. Hopefully it's fully better soon...the intent is to add a mile or two to that long run on Sunday!

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