Monday, December 14, 2009

Beals Point (Folsom Trail Series #4)

at the 9:15 start, and along the first stretch of singletrack...
Dave on the short stretch of pavement at the start
heading out...
and coming back...
down the homestretch
anybody got a towel???
We had to get through some weather for this one, but luckily both Dave & I's libraries shut down a little early on Saturday, so we hit the road by 4:00. We were a little luckier than Abby (who's left earlier with Hannah & her parents) going over the pass, and got to our hotel in Rocklin at a reasonable hour, and went out to dinner at Chevy's.
As we'd figured, it was raining Sunday morning, which meant this would be a double points race. I signed up for the 7.5 miler, and Dave the 3 miler. After three races, my closest competitior was only 5 points behind (out of 300) so the hope was that with a 200 point race, I could spread that out a bit. I warmed up on the 3 mile course, which had one good hill, and a bit of slippery mud. The 7.5 miler had another hill which climbed (slowly) up to a water tower, down the other side, and around to the lake, where we had an incredible view of Folsom Lake, especially with the storm. this had to be my favorite course of the four. I'd built a good lead with a fast first mile or so, but it was impossible to tell after that. It was a pretty small field due to the weather, and we were spread out pretty fast. Somehow, Dave & I both managed to stay on our feet despite the mud on this hilly, winding course...although there were a couple times I thought I'd be toast. I came in seconds behind Dave, who ran 32 minutes on theshort course, which started about 15 minutes after us, and finished 1st in 46:48. The results so far are screwy for the middle course, but after finishing, we kept an eye on the watch to see how much of a gap there would be between 1 & 2. I was hoping for at least 3 minutes, Dave said 5. Partly because he decided on pants (which had to be heavy in the downpour...even my shorts were), I finished about 5:40 ahead, which should be about a 22 point spread. Woo-hoo! Finally a touch of breathing room. It's a little hard to spread out the point competition when there are 3 different distances to choose from, so three distances in which one can get a perfect score. Anyhoo, I'll post the series points at the halfway mark once the 7 1/2 mile results are sorted out. As well as the race went, not all is well. I think I may have cheated fate during the race, and now he's come to collect. Anyone familair with the "Final Destination" movies? The premise is that a bunch of kids cheat death by getting off a plane that ends up crashing, and leaving no survivors. Well, "death" comes calling for each of them one by one. What does this have to do with me, you say? Since I managed to stay on my feet during the race, I was not so lucky later in the shower. It's a toss up which would have been worse. While I was running 10 mph on the trail, it would have been softer, as long as I managed to avoid the rocks, and I wouldn't have got a faucet between the shoulderblades. I almost went down this morning at the gym too. Once in enough, fate! i'm still sore from yesterday's little payback.
Anyway, that should do it for the year...ending with a 4 race win streak. I'll try and do a long run each of the next two Sundays in preperation for a 19.4 mile relay stretch at the Redding Marathon on the 17th of January. The plan there is to run 6 minute miles 'til I crack (hopefully not too long before the 19.4 mile mark) with trail race #5 on January 3rd being the next race planned. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year...and to all a good night.

here's the women's and men's top 10 after 4 of 8 races...
Susan Grinstead F 52 94.38 98.03 100.00 200.00 492.41
Yvette Ferreira F 35 100.00 100.00 92.37 200.00 492.37
Susan Booher F 47 100.00 100.00 84.79 185.34 470.13
Alicia Mcdonald F 40 86.75 90.19 92.36 179.08 448.38
Tamra Kelly F 41 88.86 88.68 86.52 165.98 430.04
Kelly Mccutcheon F 40 82.63 84.85 78.90 172.70 419.08
Sharon Weatherford F 52 85.68 84.32 79.79 167.78 417.57
Kathy Welch F 56 85.38 90.10 71.20 168.30 414.98
Cathie Apple F 34 99.43 99.15 197.64 396.22
Janelle Weiner F 34 93.61 93.83 191.02 378.46
Holy two women seperated by .04!!
Chris Badolato M 32 100.00 100.00 100.00 200.00 500.00
Kirk Ferris M 29 100.00 94.52 100.00 178.60 473.12
Tony Elwell M 31 73.11 85.19 85.02 180.82 424.14
Trevor Beards M 12 73.36 84.36 77.31 188.98 424.01
Randall Rapetti M 55 73.81 84.56 73.82 183.66 415.85
Bryan Tully M 49 77.98 73.77 75.85 176.40 404.00
Joel Brunkala M 36 80.18 78.20 82.63 148.10 389.11
John Couillard M 28 90.61 97.33 200.00 387.94
John Painting M 49 84.98 84.89 194.34 364.21
Adam Ferreira M 59 79.84 86.20 165.58 331.62
***Dave is currently the 12th overall male.


Turi said...

Way to get out there in the nasty weather. Hardcore.

SnowLeopard said...

Totally! And when is the Verdi race- are they doing that one in January again? Another TLD opportunity... :) Nice job Chris, and sorry about the faucet revenge~

Gretchen said...

Wow, I can't believe you made that drive over the pass. I was kind of wondering about that, actually. that is some serious race dedication! Glad it turned out to be worth your while. Nice job! And yeah, try to avoid al that "Final Destination" creepiness!

slowrunner77 said...

You gotta Be Crazy is always in February. I don't remember the date (or if it contradicts any other race dates) but I'm already planning on 3 races, so I'm likely skipping the verdi run either way. I think two of the 3 are in Folsom (the last one is on the 28th, which is the same day as the Camp Richardson Snowshoe 5k!) and the Davis Stampede. If there is NO chance of a double points race, chances are me and Dave won't need the points, so we'd go to CR...but if there's a chance of weather, we can't blow the series on the last race, so we'll have to wait and see for that one.

wife said...

by the way, I would get better pictures of your finish if you didn't run so darn fast. I am always afraid I will miss the shot!