Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 goals & miscelaneous shtuff

It seems things have been harder to maintain for the last few weeks, but the weekly time trials have been my anchor as they go up in distance. There’s been 2 5ks under 16, a 4 miler under 21, an 8k just over 26. Today I forced myself to hold 5:19 pace for 5.95 miles with a quarter mile kick at 5:00 pace to finish. I’m paying for it now as I think I crossed the threshold of what my body could handle today, but…although on the tread (just like the shorter ones) it was the first time in nearly nine years I’ve been under 33:00 for 10k, only the second time ever, and at 32:54, 20 seconds of one of my better pr’s from years past. I will reward my self (and Ben and Dave) with the last of 2009’s Christmas beers tonight. Have I mentioned how nice I think it is that beer tasting night just happens to fall on interval/time trial day for the last couple months?!
My succesful at first but ultimately failed attempt at a long run a few weeks ago has made me decide to keep things shorter this year. Most likely meaning no ultras and no marathons. Depending on how the 19.4 relay leg on the 17th goes, I may go for a half marathon pr at the Davis Stampede in February, but that's as long as I'll go for a while. The half is my weakest pr and therefore the only one I think I have even a decent chance at beating. 1:14-1:15...I'll have to check. Which brings me to my goals for 2010. Maybe in the fall i'll be healthy enough to train for a marathon, but definitely not the first half of the year. So...
*run a 5k under 16:00
*run a 8k in the 26 minute range
*run a 10k under 33:00
*run a half (pr) in 1:14
*if I manage a marathon...2:39 or bust!
**take 10 seconds off my Climb the Legacy time, and at least 30 seconds of my Climb CA time
*repeat as Run-A-Muck champs, for the bling! Not really under our control as much as time goals, but why not?
And last, but certainly not least, stay healthy enough to get at least 11 months of running in...which would hopefully lead to 3000+ miles and 5000+ sets of weights!!!

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