Monday, February 8, 2010

Team Library Dork takes over Davis Stampede

No pics from this one, as the wife and kid stayed in Reno. I can't blame them - the car is getting old, but the racing is just so much fun, it makes it all worth it. With any luck, this will be the first of six consecutive weekends of racing (4 5k's, a 10k, and a 7.5 miler).
I'll say right off the bat that I missed my goal time (for the first fairly flat race of the year) by about a minute, or 9-10 seconds per mile). I think I'll have a limited number of races to acheive my "time" goals for the year...and I laid a bit of an egg on this one.
between the four of us, we had all three distances covered, with Amber & Dave in the 5k, me in the 10k, and Turi running the half. I warmed up on the course and found the Sudwerk Brewery (which we'd be visiting after) at mile 1. Rather convenient. I missed the start of the 5k at 8:00 as I was just getting back to the car to change shoes and de-robe. It was chilly & overcast, but not cold, with a light wind. At 8:10, the nearly 2000 people in the 10k & half took off together, and by 2 or 3 minutes in, we were starting to thin out the lead pack. By the time we hit the brewery, the 10k leader had seperated a bit, which was a little discouraging this early, but I was still comfortably tucked next to the half marathon leader. There was no mile marker, so no split, but we kept our positions 'til mile 2 (10:42) before our courses went their seperate ways a couple miles later. There were a couple tight turns (including one poorly manned one) and an overpass that made mile 3 slow, but I still hit the 5k on pace to run under 34:00 in 16:59, but I knew I was fading. My legs just didn't seem to have that extra gear. The leader was just about out of sight on all the turns. I'd catch a glimpse every once and a while, but I was in no man's land. Too far back to push for the lead, and not being pushed by anyone from behind, so when things started to get tough, my pace suffered. I kept about the same pace between mile 3 and 6.1, before I saw the finish after the last turn. I had enough of a kick for the last hundred or two that I wished I'd have pushed a little sooner, but it wouldn't have made much difference. I ended up easily in second, a minute behind the winner (who ran my goal time) and a minute ahead of third, in 34:24. The winner was a Foot Locker Nationals competitor (and only 17) so not in my AG, so I was able to add an AG win to the 2nd overall, and take home a New Balance hat and running pants for my pains (not to mention a pretty cool race shirt).
Amber finished 157th overall out of 852 in the 5k, running 26:24 (and won her AG!). Dave was 180th in 27:12. There were 973 in the 10k and 855 in the half, where Turi finished 287th in 1:52:54...not bad for a guy that hasn't been running and chose the LONGEST DISTANCE POSSIBLE. As I mentioned before, we had lunch at Sudwerk afterwards, before heading home and watching the big game. That was futbol, right?
Anyway, got me some work to do to run 16 flat, or 26 & change for 8k (passed the 8k mark at 27:19...49 seconds off the season goal) or a 33 minute 10k, but I'll do what I need to get there. My next three races are slow courses, so my next shot at a decent time will be at the Bidwell Classic in four weeks. Til then...

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wife said...

Bummed I missed it. Hannah and I will be sure to take pictures this weekend!