Saturday, July 10, 2010

at the half way mark

It looks like the second half of 2010 will be pretty uneventful for me on the running front, so I took a look at my goals for the year at week 26 to see where I was at.
Miles-goal: 3000+ actual: 1525 @week 26 (3050 pace)
weights (sets)-goal: 5000+ actual: 2608 (5216 pace)
wins-goal: 18 (i've won 17 in a year a couple times, never 18) actual: 13, 8 course records
goal: run for 11 months (48 weeks)...ain't gonna happen
5k time-goal: <16>15:46 (new pr!)
8k time-goal: 26+ actual: 27:03 on a hilly course, didn't get a shot at a flat one
10k time-goal: <33>33:01 so close...
half time-goal: 1:13-1:14 actual: none...ran a 5k and a 10k instead of two halfs
So, some of the time goals were met, and I averaged 60+ miles (with a peak of 82) and 100+ sets per week til things started getting cranky. I'll have little problem maintaining the weights while not running (300 sets the last two weeks), but the running miles may not reach 2000. I do hope to return to training this year, and maybe even racing, but three weeks after stopping my training runs, nothing is better, so I'll have to play the waiting game there.
Now that Abby has had the baby and is dropping weight, time for me to add some. I've put on 5 lbs. and counting in the last two to three weeks. Before any of you make any wisecracks about my girlish figure...I realize I don't need to worry about putting on 10, or even 20 pounds, from a general health standpoint. 160-170's for a 6 footer is perfectly fine, but as far as performance is concerned (and that's the goal afterall) I'm best at 150ish. My eating (and drinking) habits have already begun to change, as well. The snack foods that I usually pass right by when training and racing are somehow making their way into the cart, and the weekly beer tastings have increased in frequency (not that there's anything wrong with that)'s just contributing to how much weight I'll have to drop come 2011 to get back to running 5 minute pace for a 5k...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rocco James Badolato

I know this is a "running blog", but it may be a while for another run related post, and we did kinda have a busy weekend after all...