Wednesday, October 27, 2010

top 10 in the 10k

Geez...I knew things were spread out because of the small field, but here's the top 10-
Chris Badolato 52.15 M 33
Li Huang Chen 59.45 M 34
Cindy Smith Derby 1.10.20 F 55
Carol Myers 1.11.08 F 50
Beth Kauffmann 1.11.41 F 57
Donna Glogovac 1.12.54 F 50
Christie Giellman 1.14.36 F 41
Andy Baron 1.16.47 M 55
Paige Clock 1.17.13 F 44

OK, that was only 9 (i thought I copied 10) but you get the idea.
Off the track, this may be the smallest race i've done (only 20 in the 10k, more in the half).
The good - at 43+ miles, it was technically the best week of running I've had since I started up again almost 2 months ago.
The bad - it's rare that i feel like getting out of bed in the morning. I know how uncomfortable those first few steps are going to be, and more days than not, it doesn't go away. A few more PT visits, then I'm throwing in the towel if it's still the same. No sense spending $20 a pop to feel the same, right?

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Turi said...

And third male was a ways back, too. The fields sure come out weird on the smaller races, sometimes...