Monday, October 18, 2010

Weeks 5 & 6 and a "Tough Mudder"

Week 5 in the latest comeback, was, how to put it** on a stick. 14 miles and 48 sets of weights. That's less than 2 good days worth. Oh well. I'll blame it on Harold & Kumar, one last time.
Week 6, which just ended, was better, though the Achilles and heel pain isn't really improving, which is causing me to wonder when or even if I'll be able to get back to the days of old (when I was only a little injured).
33.4 miles, 100 sets of weights, and a 18:08 5k time trail. Still 2:40! off my treadmill pr, but inching downaward. Next week I'll try to get in the high 17's.
Tough Mudder doesn't deserve, and therefore will not get, it's own post. While Bear Valley Ski area is absolutely amazing, the race was an oversold, overpriced, overcrowded and poorly organized mess. I've done marathons and 50ks and never had spent so much on a race fee before, and what do i get for my hard earned dollars?
Dos Equis beer and a line at every freakin obstacle, so at best, we could do intervals with long-ass waits in between. Not to mention when the overpriced first day sold out, they then (and only then) offered a second around $40 less than what I paid for day 1 two months ahead of time. This mess/7-mile-long-line that was the course could have been easily remedied by capping the field at, I don't know, a reasonable number! Or less people per wave. Or more time between waves. However, it was such a ridiculous clusterfudge, they'd have to do some combination of all 3 of those to keep the people moving. As long as those checks clear, though, right guys? One thing that did go well (ok - two if you include that team WWMD "What Would Magnum Do?" all finished as a team) was the 'stache. I looked like cast from an 80's cop movie (Magnum was a PI but we're splitting hairs)...and that was before we darkened our upper lips, to better match Mr Selleck's lip hair hue. Dave, Turi, and I went au natural whilst Ben and Amber had some help from the Halloween store. In addition we all had Hawaiin shirts (which hold mud quite well) and Tiger's caps. Afterwards, we pigged out at Snowshoe Brewing Co in Arnold and headed back to the hotel for beer and baseball. So a fun trip, but I "race" I definitely won't do again. I'll post some pictures once Dave, Amber, and Turi load there's up (to steal)!
This week I'd like to get another race in, but I'm still struggling along. I'd planned to do the Fall Colors 10k in South Reno, which for the last two years has been a small off-road half marathon in the foothills below Mt Rose. It's a beautiful and difficult course. They added a 10k this year, but even though it'll likely draw only double digit attendance (and what follows will pretty much guarantee low numbers) they chose to charge the same entry fee as the half marathon. Why? You got me. $45 in advance, and by advance, I mean a month ahead of time. Not a day or two, or even the weekend before. A month! Which meant, if I want to run this tiny little 10k, I'll have to shell out $55. If they're giving out cotton shirts and Dos Equis, I just might snap. So I'm debating. This would be the most I've EVER spent on a race shorter than a half, and even most halfs I've done have been I'm considering skipping it on principal alone. I'd run the half to get my $$$ worth, but I don't think I'm even close to ready for that. I can't even get an answer as to the reason behind the premium price, and to add salt to the wound, couldn't even find the race on, where they advertise it to be. The can sign up on race day. Guess it doesn't matter since they raised the price a month ago...


SnowLeopard said...

Wow. That red and yellow does a number on the eyes. I'm seeing stripes everywhere I look! It improves the texture of my walls, that's for sure. :) I'm sorry you're hurtin', but I certainly was glad that you made it to TM despite the nagging pain Harold & Kumar are putting you through, 'cause I had a blast! Color me totally impressed! Stripedly.

arcteryx said...

This is so impressive, great run indeed! Very inspiring! Keep it up! :)