Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ferry building 4 Miler

no pics of us, but these'll give you a general idea of the awesome location!

Sunday was my first race in a while. Things were going in reverse and had gotten so bad I didn't even bother to blog about my last October run. Too bad it was such a horrid day for me, cause the race organizers at that one had a real passion and plan to expand the Girls on The Run series in Truckee from 5ks to 5's, 10's and halfs. Hopefully, I'll get healthy enough to do a few.
Back to the present. Dave and I headed over the hill Saturday night and stayed in a Hampton Inn where one online reviewer promised "the chronic" from the front desk guy. Too bad for us it was a female at the desk. Not only did she not beleive our story, but she was loyal to the hotel even when we showed her the review on Dave's phone, laughing the whole time, and wondering why she was keeping the chronic for herself :) Anyway, the hotel was super comfy, to the point where I really didn;t want to get out of bed at GO TIME the next morning. We'd had a good trip so far, scoring 11/12ths of Auburn's entire supply of Deschutes the Dissident.
It took us just under an hour to get from the hotel to the Maritme Museum right by Ghiradelli Square, and much to our surprise, at 8 a.m. there was even free parking!
The place where we'd go back to for breakfast was a bar two blocks from the start, and I owe them a little extra debt of gratitude. Even though there were 150 racers, there was no port-a-john, so I was incredibly happy that Jack's in the Cannery was open at 6, and allowed me to use the restroom. I usually have to take care of biness about 18 times before a race, and things would NOT have gone well if I'd had to hold it.
We started right at 9:00 about 10 yards from the Bay, and headed back towards Fisherman's Wharf on Jefferson, then the Embarcadero. Once we hit the main drag we had to jump up on the sidewalk but it was wide enough that it was a very minor inconvenience. At that time of day, I actually had more runners getting in the way ont he return trip than pedestrains. Anywho, a DSE runner named Ky set the pace right from the gun. Man, my first sea level run in a while feels nice. Mile 1 was a 5:30, which made me a little nervous. I was running in second, trying not to lose contact, but had hoped to be 8 or 9 seconds slower to run 5:40 or under for the whole thing. A mile-and-a-half in I passed for the lead, but we knew we had slowed. I hit the turn in first, though not by much, in 11:19, for a 5:49 split. Yikes. I ran a couple miles at the Napa Marathon at that speed! Ky was still in second, but was followed closely by another runner who'd end up passing before the end. Miles 2-4 were all about pain management as I was starting to redline to hold pace. The 3rd mile was a 5:47, still slower than I wanted to be going, but I was racing more to win now than for splits. It was cool running on the Bridge to Bridge course, one of my all-time favorite races to do. I even got to warm-up and cool down on the hill. When I saw the cannery, I managed a little burst and ended up only 3 seconds off a straight 5:40 pace, winning by 34 seconds in 22:43 (5:40.75). After catching my breath for a minute, I headed back out and saw that Dave was moving pretty well too. He finished at 8:20-21 per mile in 33:23, 50th out of 139 overall.
For me, still about 35 seconds per mile slower than what i could've done healthy, but an improvement over recent runs. I was able to manage a treadmill 10k a few days later in 35:39 (5:45.0 per) which is exactly 30 seconds per mile slower than my 2010 best treadmill time. Of course, the rest of the day was dedicated to food and beer. Back at Jack's we had a great breakfast and very unispired service, and hit up a couple beer stores on the way home, including the always awesome City Beer over by AT & T park. Next up is likely a 12k in a couple days in Loomis where I have rather loose goals, not being at all familiar with the race or the course.
Til then...


SnowLeopard said...

That sounds like a good race- I think I ran parts of that course when I went to SF this summer, but of course it was just for fun and not in a race. All that O2 at sea level is lovely! And congrats to Dave too for picking up the speed! :)

slowrunner77 said...

sea level? hardly! we were AT LEAST two or three feet above sea level...and that was the LOW parts. At some point, I think we may have been approahing double digit elevation!!!