Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Year In Review

Sometimes, the year felt like that, but here's the skinny for an eventful 2010 -
miles run 2,088 (1525 the first 6 months, 563 mile 2nd half)
weights lifted (sets) 6,195 (2608/3587)
races 28 (22/6)
wins 17 (13/4)
course records 10 (8/2) though many of these were "young"races and no big'uns
The "other" 11 were: 2nd place x 4, 3rd place x 4, 4th, 5th and 7th.
Favorites...let's see...hard to say...
*The Shamrock Run (7th) in March was an awesome race, and an even better trip. Portland is beer Mecca, along with San Diego, and Dave and I took advantage, and had a sweet hotel, walking distance to the race start, to boot.
*Avenue of the Vines (CR) - gotta include this one, my first PR at an established distance in a looooong time. Unfortunately, the pain started the next day.
There were lots of other cool events that I traveled to (Bidwell Classic, Fitch Mountain) and locals, like the Run-A-Muck, that were a blast as well! No races in Nevada City/Grass Valley for the firs time in a few years, which was weird.
Of course, I wish the monentum gained in May could have continued through June and beyond, but it was not to be. 5 1/2 weeks in "das boot" and 12+ weeks total with no running at all. A new approach with PT and more stability work after resting up has not produced the results I'd like, so 2011 is a big, fat question mark, but I hope to remain active, if a bit more...sloth-like.
I already managed to skip one race, but am signed up for 11 miles of the Redding Marathon Relay on January 16th...will hopefully do 1 more in January...Davis, SF coast, and Snowshoeing in February, then we'll evaluate where I am and go from there.
Oh yeah, Abby popped out another kidlet (I KNOW!). I'm pretty sure this one's mine.
And...I may have tried more new beers in 2010 than any year prior. Friday I will rate my 2,000th beer (I've probably had a few more than that but haven't rated all the swill I had back in the day). Close, though. I'd like to trade a little beer tasting for more running in 2011, but they DO go so well together!

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