Thursday, May 19, 2011

Avenue of the Vines 5k 2011

Turi had the day to remember with this one. He ran (another) big PR in the half, and summed it up well over at Running Round Reno, so I'll keep my report short.
Would I be respectably close to the standard I set last May in running even splits all the way to a 5k PR? Depends what you mean by respectable, but I ran about where I thought I would. Short of my dream goal of breaking 16, but still my fastest 5k since last Memorial Day.
Another runner took it out and I just tucked in behind him. I was hoping we were moving fast, cuz it sure felt like it. The first mile went by in 5:03...faster than last year. I'd have been more worried, but it felt hard, not suicidal. We slowed after the mile split to a pace we felt we could maintain, and around 7 minutes in, I passed for the lead. We hit the turnaround of this out-and-back course in 7:59 & 8:00. I had little faith I could repeat that as I'd already slowed, but I'd just taken the lead and felt good. Maybe a 16:0-something was doable. I had ten seconds to play with afterall. Well...I wasn't counting on the headwind all the way back. Thaaaat's why I got under 8 minutes on the way out. The return trip was harder, and I was struggling to hold pace running alone. I didn't know how much of I lead I had and never looked to find out until I was through the chute. I came across the line 1st for the second time in 16:14. Positive splits & 28 seconds slower than last year (5:14 per mile compared to 5:05), but lots of silver lining. The only crappy thing is the 5k gets the lower class treatment at this race. While the overall winners of the half get their weight in wine, the 5k overall winners get a 1.5L bottle of Woddbridge's cheap stuff, with no indication it's from a race. The age groupers in the half even get an engraved 3L bottle...of the good stuff. Where's the love, people?!
Anyway...Capital Road Race Management was timing this race again. There was a brief problem, with the original time coming in at 16:34, but by the time I got back from my cooldown/pacing Turi for his last 2.2 miles, it was already fixed. THAT's how it's done! THE best timing company on the west coast.
The half was stacked this year. Rich Hanna just about repeated his winning 2010 effort, even after purposefully starting slow, but there was another runner, Jose Morales (from CSU stanislaus - go Warriors!) who ran even the whole way to a 1:09:17 (5:18 per mile for those who want to know). Yeah...that was fast. Fred Z also made the trek from Reno and while just missing his 1:14 goal, ran a PR of 1:15:15 and won his AG. As I said last year, it's a cool place to stage a race, and the wine tasting is open early, which made Abby quite happy. Next year we'll make her run for it, right Turi?? Anywho - I'll be back...maybe in the half, and I recommend this race to anyone who likes flat, fast courses and/or vino.
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Hey, that's great! Congrats on putting the smack down!