Thursday, May 26, 2011

Star 6 Memorial 10k (& 5k)

Another last minute decision to race. What can I say, i've got the sickness. I think my saving grace will be the ability to get up on the Tahoe Rim Trail for longer weekend runs. Then I won't feel the need to race every weekend. But at the rate the snow is melting (and that snow is still falling) that won't be til around July...2012. Hopefully not. I can't wait to get up there, but we just got some fresh snow overnight, so it won't be anytime soon. I have a pair of snowshoes that I love, but the last time I went to the Meadows and an ungroomed trail, it jacked up my knee, so I've been avoiding that, unfortunately.
Anyway, back to the race. Dave and I both signed up the day before for the 10k. It was a race I was unfamiliar with, but they seemed to have there stuff together...nice website, results posted from last year. In addition, last minute sign-up was only $26, which included a tech shirt. Beat that! I was familiar with the start area (Nimbus Flats off Lake Natomas) but I'd only ever run on the trails out there. So...when they advertised flat and fast, I beleived blindly. This was definitely not a course I'd call slow or hilly, but if you're in the Sacramento area and calling your course flat and fast, the elevation gain better be, oh, about 6 feet :) This was a winding, slightly rolling (with only one decent hill) course on the AR bike path. Out & back. I did the 5k as a warm-up, and was about 40-50 feet above water level at some point after starting by the beach.
The 10k started about 10 minutes before the 5k, and pretty soon I was dueling it out with Anthony Fagundes. He was part of the lead pack in Rocklin that I was chasing in the 5k a few weeks ago. I'd like to say I've improved since then, but so far my 5k's have generally gone better than my 10's, and that would continue to be the case here. I can't make sense of it as my training is geared slightly more for a 10 than a 5. Oh well. I'll get a 33 one of these days. Even with the course being what it was, it was still my goal to try and break 34. A quarter of the way in, Anthony and I were right on pace at 8:25, but we both slowed between the 5k & 10k turns. I'd fallen behind by a max of 3-4 seconds and was a second or two behind at the turn in 17:09. No way I'm running negative splits with all the people (10k runners and 5k walk/joggers) we'd have to weave through on the way back. I wanted to minimize the damage, though, and at least beat my Elk Grove time of 34:24 on a really flat course. But...about 6k in, Anthony started to pull away. I estimated his max lead at close to 20 seconds, but it was probably more like 12-13. We'd both add a little time on the way back & ended up 1st (him) and 2nd (me) in 34:30 & 34:41 (our official times are 34:33 and 34:44, but they were a few seconds slow for everybody).
So, a tiny step backwards being squarely behind someone I'd outkicked several weeks ago when I'd hoped to be faster than then, but at the end of a really good week of training. 75 miles, and four high quality runs - intervals, 2 tempo runs, & the race. Dave got in a decent 10k as well, but broke on the hill. I've still got several different annoying ailments going, including being bloodied and bruised after my most spectacular fall ever on Saturday morning. Seriously...if there were judges scoring my trail induced bellyflop, I would have got perfect tens!! Didn't feel so good when I met the ground, though. That, and my feet are still angry with me for going too far in the Minimusesesesssesees 3 weeks ago. I figured I'd be past that by now, but they were still a little extra sensitive on the trail (and after) this morning. But, we've got an extra day of recovery running this week before NO EXCUSES on Monday. After that, I'm 93% sure I'll actually take a weekend off (by off I mean LSD instead of a race). And silver lining, the 5-race win streak is over, so there's less worry about the fact that I'll get my a** handed to me in Monday's 5k. I just hope I can stay close enough that they'll pull me along to a faster time. Til then...
Something to leave you with since us "sprinters" can't take pictures during a race...

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robert warner said...

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