Friday, July 22, 2011

Saucony Kinvara & Peregrine First Impressions

Still trending minimal, I'd been looking for additional road and trail options as my heavier stiffer shoes reach the end of the line. I wanted one as an everyday type road & tradmill shoe to compliment the Nike Free 3.0 (which I love) and an off roader to compliment the New Balance MT 101 (which I also love but on some trails I want juuust a bit more...and I'd like to save these for racing).
I never quite fell in love with the New Balance Minimus Road shoe, and as of yet, I can't wear the Minimus Trail for more than a few miles (less if it's a rocky trail) or that one would be my racer. So...went to Eclipse Running (on Lakeside and McCarran - open 7 days a week!!!) and chose the Kinvara over the slightly heavier but also super comfy Saucony Mirage. At 7.7 ounces, it's barely heavier than the Free, and lighter than almost all non-racing flats. The main difference is that it is SUPER Charmin for your feet. Makes a great first impression, but I can see how it may be too much cushion for some, even in the ultra lite package. The upper fits great, and there were no hot spots to speak of. They handled double digit miles right outta the box.
The Saucony Peregrine is an odd duck. In no man's land as far as weight goes (9.8 oz...heavier than the New Balance minimal trail shoes, but also far more shoe to them) with a lower heel than the MT 101. Not a support shoe or motion control shoe by any stretch, but they do manage to have a substantial feel to them, and again, a ton of cushion. Over 9 miles, I felt a rock or two...kinda sort of. Under 10 ounces would've been one of the lightest trail shoes on the market a couple years ago, but with 7.5-8 oz options everywhere now, these don't feel all that fast if you're used to the uber-light ones. I wouldn't race in them, but they will serve well me thinks as a relatively light and very agile everyday trail runner. I can see my self doing 90% of my trail training in these, and racing in the 101's.
Overall strong first impression for both of these! Thanks Chuck. Maybe I'm turning into a Saucony man...still diggin the Hattori for road races as well. But the Nike Free, Lunarcers, and a couple New Balance shoes are right up there too.

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slowrunner77 said...

may only be coincidence, but the first day in the kinvaras is the first day the right heel hurt...2nd day was a i brought up back for a New pair of Free 3.0's. Probably too little too late, but you never know.