Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shortest Comeback EVER!

Well...instead of jerkin around for a week, or two, or four, I tested out my foot to see if the short break from running (12 days) and week in das boot made for rapid healing. The short version? It did not. A 4 miler at warm-up pace on Friday started out poor, but loosened as I went. Sunday, quite the opposite. After an opening mile of 5:40 (half marathon race pace on a good day) on this rolling course in South Lake Tahoe, the wheels started to come off. Every uphill the second half was a deathmarch, and I managed to run splits of 8:47/9:19 for the race (and it was a double loop of the same course!). I didn't bother with a cooldown. By that point I'd do more harm than good, and I didn't even want to stand on that foot, let alone run on it. I have no idea at this point what it'll take to heal up, and even then, for how long. It's not like I haven't played this game many times before. The difference this time??? It's my left (surgically repaired) Achilles that's amking walking a chore. This is the first time over the last 6 years that's been the case...
Anywho, results are up at http://www.capitalroadrace.com/results/2011_TADF_SUN_OVL.HTM
Pictures are on the Thin Air Distance Festivals facebook page.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blood, Sweat & Beers 2011

Last weekend was a trail run in Auburn that I'd signed up for well in advance, which was a good thing, since it sold out. The bad part was that I was squarely injured by the time it rolled around, but not ready to throw in the towel just yet. With the family and dave, we stayed in Grass Valley on Saturday night and celebrated Betty's 63rd birthday. I may have posted something on Facebook to the effect of "Evil Betty turns 93 today"...but as of now it's an unconfirmed rumor.
I figured this course would be close in difficulty to the Resolution Run 10k I ran from Outlook Park a few years ago, and as luck would have it, the start (at Railhead Park) was right down the street. I knew for a fact that if I had a chance of winning this race I'd need a decent lead at the bottom, roughly 3 miles in. There was one (rather large) felloe who took off like a bat outta hell at the gun, but Camron & I rightfully guessed he was not a threat, and after a few minutes of flat grass and downhill, we were alone. I took the lead and hit the singletrack first, which was the best part of the course. It went back up a little, but not enough to kill me off yet, then rolled along an aquaduct for a while over packed dirt, roots, and rocks. I steeped aside to let Camron by on one of the short but steep downhill bombs (I was wearing road shoes so had to back off briefly on a couple of these). He'd get a bit of a lead, and I'd reel him in when the course mellowed out. But, because of that, I was already in a deficit when the real climbing started, and immediately fell back. I pretty much ran alone the whole way up, only briefly catching a glimpse of Camron speeding away up the hill.
That's not entirely true, I guess. We did have to pass a ridiculous amount of slower long-course runners, so I had some company, just not the kind I'd like. That was my only complaint about the race. The wave starts made for lots of weaving, waiting, and ducking to get around people going nowhere near the same speed on a singletrack trail. Other than that, a great race, and one I hope to do again. HEALTHIER!
Camron destroyed me up the hill. From even at the bottom to a 56 second deficit less than 3 miles later (the course was 5.8-5.9 miles with 1400 feet of elevation change). Camron ran about a minute off Rich Hannas course record, with me in 2nd, and 3rd place nearly another 6 minutes back.
We had a couple brews from Hoppy and a burger while waiting for Dave to finish the long course (10.5) and played with a pug named Pancake. In the days since, I've had to stop running alltogether, though. Between getting slower every week and the pain at best not going away (and probably getting worse) it was just time. Hopefully the rest of the year isn't screwed. I can't say I'm incredibly optimistic for 2011 given the chronic mind-numbing soul-crushing repetitive nature of my issues. Not to mention I started back in PT a couple weeks ago for my right Achilles, and it's the left one that is now imobilized and preventing me from running. So, maybe some silence on the blog for a while, but hopefully not too long.

results: http://www.capitalroadrace.com/results/2011_BSB_SC_OVL.HTM