Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shortest Comeback EVER!

Well...instead of jerkin around for a week, or two, or four, I tested out my foot to see if the short break from running (12 days) and week in das boot made for rapid healing. The short version? It did not. A 4 miler at warm-up pace on Friday started out poor, but loosened as I went. Sunday, quite the opposite. After an opening mile of 5:40 (half marathon race pace on a good day) on this rolling course in South Lake Tahoe, the wheels started to come off. Every uphill the second half was a deathmarch, and I managed to run splits of 8:47/9:19 for the race (and it was a double loop of the same course!). I didn't bother with a cooldown. By that point I'd do more harm than good, and I didn't even want to stand on that foot, let alone run on it. I have no idea at this point what it'll take to heal up, and even then, for how long. It's not like I haven't played this game many times before. The difference this time??? It's my left (surgically repaired) Achilles that's amking walking a chore. This is the first time over the last 6 years that's been the case...
Anywho, results are up at http://www.capitalroadrace.com/results/2011_TADF_SUN_OVL.HTM
Pictures are on the Thin Air Distance Festivals facebook page.

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SnowLeopard said...

You still won though. By a long shot! I'm sorry you're hurting dude. That just sucks.