Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getty Owl Run 5k

This is well-run new race in downtown Sacramento. Based on it's initial success (700+ registered) I'd expect to see this one around for a while. My original thought was to do a 5k on a course I didn't like (Verdi) and a 10k on a course I'd like better (here) but I balked, thinking running a 10k a short week before Bidwell (5 recovery days in between) wasn't a good idea, so I reversed course, got my but kicked in a 10k in Verdi, and had my hands full with a 16-year-old in this one.
Once again we stayed close enough to walk to the race, but I can't exactly give a glowing recommendation to the "Executive" Vagabond Inn in downtown Sac...other than to say their web-design team deserves a raise. Not exactly a dump, but not worth the price, either. But - convenience won out, and convenient it was. A short 1/2 mile took us to Crocker Park, where the festivities were being set up (and blown over by the wind). The 5k & 10k started together after some shorter kid's races, and followed eachother for the first half of the 5k course before we turned north along the river. The first mile went by as planned, sharing the lead in 5:12, but by 6 or 7 minutes in, it seemed I was working harder than I should be. When we turned 8 minutes in, I immediately fell juuust far enough behind to eliminate any chance of drafting or pace-sharing duties. By mile 2 I was 5-6 seconds behind and losing time. I tried to stay mentally in the game, and finished just under 10 seconds back of the leader in 16:32. Third place came in about a minute later. Mile 3 was actually a touch faster than mile 2, so that's a plus. Otherwise, I wasn't too happy about being about 20 seconds off my goal time. I ran back out on the course after a couple minute breather, and ran with Abby after spying Dave, for the last .8 or so of her race...pushing both kids in the stroller. It was a little cold out there, but they did pretty good. And of course, Abby was the only one of us who hit her goal time (by over a minute!) running a 32:54.
So...this one will stay on the radar in future years. Maybe the 10k next time. Having food vendors at the race (in addition to the standard fruit/bagels/drinks) was quite nice! Can't remember the name, but we had some awesome gyros before returning to the hotel for a soak and some awesome brews with Mr. Hicks. Til next time...
You can click on an athlete and see photos and (maybe - doesn't seem to be the right time o day this time) a video of their finish. Pretty cool.

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Turi Becker said...

Wow, I can see why you didn't post the race pics - they're kinda silly lookin'...