Saturday, December 1, 2012

Favorite Movies EVER

After many beers, and a couple tastes of port, we stumbled across yet another awesome movie that our Hollywood challenged friend, Ben, had not seen. Luckily, we've been doing OK at rehabbing his sheltered past (see: Snatch) so there is hope. The movie in question? Only the best western of all-time, TOMBSTONE. Who has seen this movie and not twirled their coffee mug like it was a six-shooter? Anyway, this lead us to a debate of our favorite ten movies of all-time. That's a short list. I thought I had ten, but that back end gets crowded really quick. So, in deference to the end of the world on the 21st, I'm going to try and rank my favorite 21 movies, with a little cheating, and a nod to some specific genres in the paragraph following.
1. Lord of the Rings (Trilogy). See, I'm cheating already. Fellowship of the Ring, with it's character development and just right mix of action and heart, is the best of the bunch, but so I wasn't taking up 3 spots, I'll rank this trilogy as one. 2. Office Space. The funniest movie for anyone who has ever had a job. Period. 3. Braveheart. Probably my favorite before Gandalf and the bunch came along. It's got it all. Mel may be bat sh-- crazy, but the man knew what he was doing. 4. O Brother Where Art Thou. The writing was spot on, and Clooney gives one of the most enjoyable performances of his, or anyone's, career. 5. The Village. My dark horse. Easily the most underrated movie ever. Bryce Dallas Howard and Adrian Brody give Oscar-worthy performances, and even bat sh-- crazy (hey, this is developing into a pattern) Juaquine Phoenix should have got a nomination. You say slow, I say deliberate. 6. The Godfather (Trilogy). Cheat number two. But 1 & 2 are basically one movie, and 3 continues the quintessential gangster flick, so there you go. For fun, watch this, then see Godthumb. 7. Tombstone. Definitely a flick catering to the male audience, but damn, if this movie doesn't make you want to grow a mustache, nothing will. 8. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Check out the Lego version of the Spamelot song. Commence side-splitting laughter. 9. The Matrix. Keannu will never get a best actor nod, and this doesn't count what they did after part one...but I can rarely remember ever being more excited for a sequel than I was after watching the initial installment of this trilogy. Too bad the sequels weren't up to par. 10. Dumb & Dumber. Say what you will. This movie is brilliant, as likely gets more use out of the plethora of one liners than any other movie in the history of cinema. 11. Snatch. Funny. Violent. Stylized. Brad Pitt especially gives a phenomenal performance, but the movies strength is in the writing. 12. Dances with Wolves. Remember when Kevin Costner was relevant? His lame adaptation of Wyatt Earp on the heels of Tombstone does nothing to sully this epic western that was another in my line of "favorite movies when it came out." An epic, groundbreaking film, spawning many a copycat (Avatar or Last Samurai, ie-Dances With Sushi, anyone)? 13. Glory. One of the best war movies ever made. Great performances all around. I cried when Broderick & the other officers tore up their paychecks. If only Denzel didn't have to bring race into nearly every bleeping role he's played since. 14. Gladiator. For it's sheer bad-assedness, and a villain we love to hate. 15. History of the World Part 1. Because Mel needs to be on this list somewhere. 16. Prefonataine. Best running movie for runners. More historically accurate than it's competitor, without limits, and who doesn't love the drill Sergeant from Full Metal Jacket as Coach Bowerman? 17. American History X. Gritty. Hard to watch, but the performances (hell, even the brat from T2) are great. Edward Norton takes over as the best actor in Hollywood. 18. The Game. A good, suspenseful flick throughout. Then you get to the end, and your mind is blown. Not a huge Sean Penn fan, but he and Michael Douglas deliver the goods here. 19. Christmas Vacation. Can't leave it off. Tops the short list of holiday movies I HAVE to see, every year. 20. The Dark Knight. The movie or the trilogy. Take your pick. There are flaws, but this is the best treatment a comic book has ever received on film. 21. Star Wars saga. Another cheat. This is for all of em, one through six. The stronger ones are Empire Strikes Back, Phantom Menace (the awesomeness of Darth Maul overrides the annoyance of Jar Jar), and Revenge of the Sith (the final fight scene was phenomenal). No one movie on it's own would have made my top 21, but I couldn't leave the series off completely. Consideration: Goodfellas, Fight Club, The Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, The Bourne Trilogy, 300, Unforgiven, Apalloosa, The Natural, Major League (Juuuuust a bit outside), Passion of the Christ (best foreign film along with Life is Beautiful) & the Harry Potter series. A few random thoughts: Craig is the best Bond. Sorry, Sean. Citizen Kane is the most overrated piece ofzzzzzzzzzzzzzcrap (sorry, I fell asleep) ever made. Best Shakespeare? Either Much Ado About Nothing or As You Like It, both by Kenneth Branaugh. Classics? Wizard of Oz or To Kill A Mockingbird. In general I think the acting was overdone back in the day, hence the lack of the oldies on my list. Scary movie? Twilight. No. Not really. Halloween 1 & 2 probably, though this category may take further thought. Animated? Aladdin or Lion King. But Jasmine is hot, so the tie goes to Al. Commence the debate!!! Sorry about the formatting - I type it like a list, and it jams everything back together (sigh)...