Saturday, March 2, 2013

2012 Recap

Well, most of you know 2012 was a bit rough from a running/general well being standpoint. I was just getting back into shape from a 2012 partial Achilles tear when years of biuld-up in my hip(s) finally came to a head at the end of February. I have no mileage logs, and raced far less than usual, spending most of the time injured or getting back in shape. Here's a quick run-down of my nine 2012 races. January - Whole Foods 10k (1st) High 35. Still getting back into things. Ran an ok time on a moderately hilly course, but hit my goal for the shape I was in. February - Davis Stampede (2nd) 16:23. Beat my goal, and saw progress from the previous month. Sub 16 at Bidwell becomes a realistic goal. February - Getty Owl (2nd) 16:32. Was in better shape than Davis, but had a little bit of an off day in the wind. Cool new race in Sac, though. February - YGBC 10k (4th) I've mentally blocked out whatever my time was, and just a couple weeks ago I didn't even recall ever running the 10k course. That's how bad it was. Blech. March - Bidwell Classic 5k (5th) 16:20. 2013 proved that it's deeper every year I show up, and 5 is my number (I'd have been easily 2nd with the same time this year). I was primed for this...16 flat on a good day, 16:10 should happen, then pulled a hip flexor 3 days before the race. If only it was JUST a hip flexor pull... May - Rock N River 10k (1st) 37:24. Had no business winning a race with that kind of time, but nobody showed up. I was using it as a fitness gauge after taking March off, and knowing by April I had an arthritic and (literally) broken hip. Hit my goal, though running 4:23 slower than your last run on a course hurts the pride a bit. Surgery loosely planned at the end of autumn. June - Run to the Beach 5k (2nd) The delay didn't help. After a calf pull cost me a couple more weeks, I wasn't in great shape for this, and it showed. Young Jeff pulled away immediately and I barely held on for a slow, distant 2nd. July - Truckee Running Festival (1st) A little better. I was able to actually have more than 1 gear, even if they were both a little slower than I'd like. Starting to get fitter. July - San Francisco Marathon 5k (1st) 16:39. Not back to early spring form, but improving, and not only was my goal time hit, I came from pretty far back to win by 1 second. Unfortunately, my Achilles hurt immediately after, and after one more aborted attempt at running, I'd move the (L) hip surgery up to Septemeber, and was done for the year. January 2013 - Ballaprk 5k (10th) 18:24. On a mediocre amount of cross-training and a little running, I ran even splits and ran faster than the 19 & change I thought I'd pull off a week and a half before the second (R) hip surgery was scheduled. I am now hoping to be running 3 days a week by mid-April, to beat my Ballpark time on Memorial day, to be back in the upper 16's by the end of the year, and to be under 16, or pretty damn close to it in the spring of 2014.