Thursday, June 27, 2013

Superhero 5k

Since it was nearly two weeks ago, guess I'll do a quick recap of race #3 in the "Unleash The Gimp" comeback. The fam was dressed as a squad of superheroes for this one, as a majority (but not all) of the 3,000 others were. Myself (with help from Rocco's wardrobe) as Captain America, Rocco as Iron Man, and Abby and Hannah as Superwoman & Supergirl. The race went well for both of us. Though the mens field was deeper than I'd have imagined, I managed to place 6th with a time of 17:08. I fell off a little each mile, but never got passed, so it must not have been too bad, right? Right? But I definitely didn't have a kick to go after anyone in front of me, either. I unknowingly finished as the first costumed runner, so that's a plus :) Abby was the 15th female, and in the top 100 overall, with a time of 23:35 (a PR even in her suit, which has since been crushed).
Rocco got to meet Iron Man (the really really real one) and as usual, Capital Road Race put on a good show, with a nice, accurate course (an out and back and two loops around the Capital was pretty cool). *Abby has since run 23:01, placing 6th last week at the Reno 5000. I'm hoping to be under 17 on my next 5k, but the next one's not for a month...& won't be flat. Next up - Run To Squaw (7.9 miles) in three days...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gimpy Chris comeback #...hell, I've lost count!

So, a short summary of the 2 races I've run since being told I could never run again. After a loooong break (my last W was last July, and the only race I've finished since was right before having the 2nd hip surgemacated on in January) I'm trying to get back into things. Now mid-June, I'm in my eleventh week since starting over. I'd been able to have a cardio base before starting to run again, but actually running was like starting over. On Mother's Day, I opted for the longer distance at Mom's on the Run (here in Reno) & did the 10k. When I signed up, I chose the 10 because I thought I might be able to get under 40:00 by then. As it approached, my weekly improvement had me dreaming about getting under 38:00, but that was not to be. I started out well back in the field and moved up throughout the first half, climbing up to 6, fighting through the throng of 5kers and walkers the last 2 miles, then moving up 2 spots in the last quarter of the race. The mile markers said I ran positive splits, but from other runner's feedback, the 3 mile marker was at 2.9, so it's probably pretty even. I did gain a couple spots after all. On a day with perfect running conditions, I ended up 4th overall in my 2nd race in 10 months, and first after 2 surgeries and 2 rehabs. I really didn't expect anything more, though I could have done without the tightness in the right hip and the blisters from earlier in the week. Race #2 was on Memorial Day. I've done the No Excuses 5k three times, with a best finish of 2nd in 2011, and a best time of 15:51 (3rd) in 2010. After missing it last year, I really didn't want to skip it again, slow or not. I had been improving weekly and expected to be significantly faster than the Mom's 10k. 5:40's on a perfect day. I know from experience the first mile is fast, but I was still excited to hit it in 5:33, my fastest mile of 2013. I did pay for it, though, and ran weeeeeeell into the 5:40's for the next 2 (though I gained spots until losing 2 in the last 2 minutes). I held steady most of the way, though I was passed down the homestretch. I ended up 20th overall with a 17:42 (5:42 per mile) though I was dying at the end. I've hit a little bit of a wall since then. My training has been solid, but not improving like it was, as the hip has been on red alert. Next up is another 5k, but this one is costumed. We'll see how that