Wednesday, June 11, 2014

playing catch-up

Now that I look back, I see what may have made me lose interest in posting my races here. After a fairly run of the mill half in August, my next race was a DNF...followed by illness...followed by a slow 5k, and an even slower 10k. I've finished races on broken bones and torn Achilles tendon, some of them well. So it's not hard to guess I may have been in a dark place when I stopped posting here. I can't honestly say I'm out of the woods, either, just because I decided to post here again. 2014 has so far been a virtual minefield of difficulties, one which I am still navigating. It's probably going to be like that from here on out, so I might as well just get used to it. My main reason to keep posting here is to have one place where my runs are recorded, good or bad. So here's a quick re-cap of 2013 (I posted through August), and 2014 so far... 2013. Races 18. 6 wins. 1 DNF (kinda...finished jogging with the stroller, but gave up on the race half way in). Ballpark 5k (between hip surgeries) 10th - 18:24 Moms on the Run 10k (1st race after both hip surgeries) 4th - 38:50 No Excuses 5k 20th - 17:42 Superheroes 5k 6th - 17:08 Run to Squaw 7.9m 1st - 48:40 Redline Longmont Half 1st - 1:23 (middle of beer week!) Kaleo 5k 3rd - 16:41 Water to Wine Half 3rd - 1:17:30* Tour de Nez 5k - DNF Labor Day 5k - 5th - 16:54 Run to Remember 10k - 37:17 Tahoe 10k 1st - 35:11 Urban Cow 5k 3rd - 16:36 Light the Night Trail 5k 1st - 17:50 That Damn Run Trail 10k 1st - 38:48 Almond Bowl 5k 2nd - 16:34 Davis Turkey Trot 3rd - 16:13 (black lung finally going away) Nevada City Turkey Trot (trail & road) 1st - 34:55 Followed that up with a recurrence of heel pain that owuld force me out for most of December and all of January. 2014, so far. 7 races. 2 wins. You Gotta Be Crazy 5k+ 6th - 20:13 (1st moderately hard run after 7 weeks off) Undy 5000 1st - 17:31 Shamrock 8k 14th - 28:49 (return of the black lung - are you freaking kidding me?!) Carlsbad 5000 20th - 16:29 (squeezed in a decent run between coughing, throwing out my back, and the regular s---) Zoo Zoom 10k 4th - 34:50 Avenue of the Vines 1st - 16:32 Hit The Road Jack 2.22m 2nd - 11:31 (allergies definitely coming into play, but the treatments do no good) Nearing the half way point, holding on for dear life, but still hoping to improve, and have a shot at 16:00/33:30 by the end of the year (though the target date keeps getting pushed back).